There's A New Party In Canada - The People's Party!
The People's Party

There's A New Party In Canada - The People's Party!

As mentioned in my previous article, I am not voting for the mainstream parties in the next general election on September 20th. I'm openly supporting the new People's Party of Canada, lead by Maxime Bernier. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are for censorship and more centralization. They've now been called out for trying to censor each other.

I expected shenanigans but it's now gone beyond that. Deputy Prime Minister Chrysta Freeland was nabbed after she uploaded an edited version of a video conservative leader Erin O'Toole had released as part of his campaign. Her version made it look as if he doesn't support universal health care.

Now I'm getting news  of fake door hanger leaflets.

That's ok because this afternoon, I was vindicated when a great article popped up on which outlined the media bias, misinformation and astro-turfing. What's next? Astro-gliding?

Maxime Bernier was banned from the debates, same as was the great American patriot Ron Paul was when he ran for President as leader of the Libertarian Party. The People's Party leader is essentially being censored by the mainstream media yet his popularity is gaining across the country as people are fed up and tired of the lies and especially the mishandling of the so-called Covid-19 pandemic.

The mainstream parties continue to push the Covid-19 narrative and also continue to encourage gullible Canadians to go get jabbed full of an experimental concoction of which several of the ingredients are hidden behind trade secret laws. I think you'll agree we have the right to know what they're pimping / pumping into our bodies.

I say no to more mandates. I say no to more lockdowns. I say no to the Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP. The New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh encourages the jab and supports banning Maxime Bernier from attending the debates.

It really is time to get rid of the lamestream parties and while we're at it, teach the lamestream media a lesson too.

Please share this article. Canadians need to understand that, like in America, our future and our freedom is at stake. This is our chance to show the entire world how it's done. Speak up and tell your family, friends and co-workers and for God's sake, stop watching the CBC!

By the way, Maxime Bernier has my vote.

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Update: August 28, 2021... Link added... 

Rebel News interviews Maxime Bernier regarding undemocratically being blocked from the debates.

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