My name is Bacon, Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon The Actor Helps Find Kevin Bacon The Pig

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This morning, when sifting through the internet for the latest info, all I could find was bad news and more bad news and this obvious push to force feed us this pointless story that Taylor Swift is dating some football player. Then, all of a sudden, two words popped up in my head, 'Good News'. The truth is, if you want to find good news on the internet, you have to specifically ask for it and that's exactly what I did.

So I typed the woods 'good news' into Duck Duck Go's search box and pressed enter. My intention was to find a little feel good story to lift my spirits at the start of the day. The search results came up and it didn't disappoint. The first thing that caught my eye got an immediate chuckle out of me and it came from a site aptly titled the Good News Network.

The story centers around a pig named Kevin Bacon that a woman named Chelsea Rumbaugh from Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania had brought home to the farm on October 13. Pigs can be very clever as she soon discovered with Kevin Bacon after the pig escaped twice but luckily, was brought back to its pen. The third time though, was the charm.

Kevin Bacon managed to dig under the fence of his holding pen and break free. This time, the pig was officially on the lamb! Thus, for the next two weeks, Kevin Bacon enjoyed the great outdoors in the surrounding area while its owner set up a Facebook page titled, 'Bring Kevin Bacon Home', hoping that by getting the community involved, he might be found.

Eventually, the page was shared with the real Kevin Bacon, the actor, whom I'm sure has been told many times over the years, "Hey, I named my pig after you", who then shared the Facebook page on his Threads feed with the captions, 'Bring Kevin Bacon Home'.

Of course, attention on Kevin Bacon, the pig exploded and after his two week jaunt roaming around the rural area, not far from the farm, it was finally coaxed with a bun laced with Benadryl, which, while harmless is actually a sedative to pigs and other animals. I didn't know that, did you? I wonder if that would work on those pesky squirrels too?

When Kevin Bacon was brought home to his pen, he freely walked in, realizing that a few steady square meals daily was better that roaming around on an empty stomach. The pig had apparently grown accustomed to hand outs from people that recognized him. Its owner made sure to reinforce the pen while the pig was on vacation to make sure it won't run away again.

I'm sure Kevin Bacon, the actor, safe at home, enjoyed a good cup of coffee this morning knowing that his namesake, Kevin Bacon the pig was also safe at home in his pen. For some reason, I can see Kevin Bacon the actor scribbling notes on his latest script... with a pen!

That was cheezy, I know but it made me feel better and now, I'm ready for the today's challenges. But first, I need some breakfast.

Oh, and by the way, the pig in the picture is not the real Kevin Bacon. The real Kevin Bacon can be seen here! You can even go visit him if you want.

Peace and love to everyone!

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