I Demand To Be Vagile!

The other night I was playing Scrabble with friends and when my turn came up, I was able to lay down the letters to spell the word, 'agile'. I was really proud of myself. You have to admit, 'agile' is a big word, especially when the letters you picked are crap.

The game was going smoothly for a few turns. Then, my opponent placed a single letter on the table, a 'V', in front of the word 'agile' and making it a new word, 'vagile'. Now, I'm not bragging but I do consider myself very proficient in the English language and as far as I knew, I had never heard of the word 'vagile' before. So  I looked it up in the dictionary to confirm and there it was, as plain as day.

I know the word 'agile' means 'one who easily move about'. The word, 'vagile' has a similar description, 'free to move about'. It turns out it's an old word that first popped up  circa 1890 and comes from the word, 'vagility' meaning 'the freedom to move about' or 'the quality or state of being vagile'.

With everything that's going on in the world right now and restrictions on our movement, I sure wish I was vagile.

What does it take to get some vagility around here? A revolution? Maybe we'll start hearing more of this word as time progresses.  I can hear the crowds chanting, "I want my vagility back". I encourage all my readers to be vagile!

I'v seen some interesting words pop up on the Scrabble playboard over the years but 'vagile' is now firmly imprinted in my mind. 

I can't wait for the next time we play scrabble.

BTW... Here's are 2 helpful hints with that dreaded letter 'Q'.

Quiff - a tuft of hair, forelock

Quaff - to swallow hurriedly or greedily as in downing a draft in one gulp, to drink with gusto.

Next time you grab a beer, go ahead and quaff it down. You worked your ass off all week and you deserve it.

There's even a brewery called QuaffOn -       

So next time you play Scrabble, show how knowledgeable you really are. Try and lay down the words quiff or quaff (or vagile :-). Your superiority will leave everyone speechless.


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