Bitcoin or Seeds?

Bitcoin or Seeds?

Seeds often sell out early. A couple of months ago, when ordering seeds online, a particular squash I was looking for was already sold out.

That's OK. I've been stocking up on a variety of seeds for a few years now. I value my seeds like gold. I planted this year's first batch of seeds on April 5 and planted more since and placed them in my little greenhouse. I've done a lot of transplanting and my garden is now growing fast.

Lately, I've been pondering the true value of a seed compared to Bitcoin or any alt-coin. Throughout history seeds have been regarded as precious. Indeed, collecting and storing seeds have helped form empires. Humanity exists in its present form because of mass farming, a multi-billion dollar industry. This industry would not exists without seeds.

In the last year, it's not just the pandemic we've had to deal with. The droughts, floods, sudden frost, erupting volcanoes, locust infestations, fires and the pandemic itself have taken a toll on farming around the world, pushing food prices up as a result.

Seeds are vital to our existence. Everyone should at least consider collecting seeds. If possible, grow your own food.

While I don't think I'll ever be able to sell a tomato seed for $50,000 as I could with a Bitcoin, would it be far fetched to think I could fetch a Bitcoin for 50 seeds one day? What is more valuable, intrinsically? Fortunately, seeds are still going for a couple bucks a pack so get in early before they too shoot up in price.

I do believe the technology behind Bitcoin is incredible and kudos to those who got in early. I, on the other hand, chose this year to buy an ample amount of seeds to help ensure my survival.

Ok, so maybe I bought 50 Theta...

But I do admit, at $50,000 and beyond, I'm sure a Bitcoin tastes just as sweet!

Maybe I'll open up my own alt-seed exchange.

What do you think? How valuable are seeds to you? Leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by!

(Update Thurday, July 15, 2021: I now have 100 Theta tokens :-)

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