Epic League NFT Project Review | Dark Throne Alpha Gameplay

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 7 May 2022

Looking for a new gamefi project with a solid team behind it? Well, this video is for you.    

Today, I’ll introduce you to Epic League a blockchain-based game ecosystem for players and guilds, making blockchain games and hubs for them.   

Made by a group of avid online-game enthusiasts and believers who have been in the global gaming industry for over 20 years and in the blockchain space for many years. 

And this June they will be releasing their first game named Dark Throne.

So if you want to know more about this project, their stellar team, and for a glimpse of Dark Throne’s Alpha  Game Play Footage then read til the end. 



Epic League refers to a blockchain-based ecosystem connecting games with the NFT marketplace, communities, guilds, players, DeFi, and more.    

It’s designed to serve as a bridge that organically connects different game worlds, platforms, and communities.   Epic League has two major parts: Hub & Games 

EPIC LEAGUE Hub provides an NFT marketplace, guild supporting tools, Treasury & staking pool for gamers to fully enjoy gamefi and integrated gameplay.  In the Hub, the guild supporting tools can help guild managers and players with an easy-to-use interface to easily manage NFT rentals control, revenue, and players’ stats using Epic League’s Autonomous Guild System.    

And as for games, they are preparing to launch not just one but two games this year – Dark Throne and Twilight Fantasy. 


Ancient Kingdom  


DARK THRONE, the first game by EPIC LEAGUE, is an epic story of heroes who save the world by winning endless battles against enemy monsters.  You can enjoy high-level action in this hack and slash action RPG.    

DARK THRONE has many game designs, including ever-growing enemies, the Epic gears to fight against, and a duel where you battle each other’s powers.    

They are preparing multi-platform support, so the user experience is carefully designed so that a player can perform various actions with simple operations even on a mobile phone.   

Dark Throne’s ALPHA Version has already been complete and it introduces two characters, Paladin and Assassin.  


Army of Chaos Apeiron  

On the Beta Version-Release, there will be 3 playable characters (or heroes).  

Each stage has different missions implemented, such as eliminating the enemy monsters, ‘finding the key’ to open the door to the boss stage, and a battle with a mid-sized boss.   

And the dungeon map is automatically generated by combining the background pieces to form each stage.  

Each time you enter, the map changes. The appearance of the village has been implemented in the alpha version. You start the game from the village 

But with the beta version coming in May, the village will function as a maintenance station for the installation and management of items and equipment. 


SpiritCore NFT A  

There will be more diverse gameplay and missions, more monsters, more heroes, more skills, and finally, PVP mode will be added.   

The team also mentioned the Stress-Free game control to reduce stress in playing and controlling the game.  Where in if you select and equip skills in the village, you can easily enjoy the battle by only moving the character to the right place at the right time in the dungeon.    

There is no need to repeatedly hit the screen or mouse that may hurt your eyes and your fingers. 

On the other hand, their second game Twilight Fantasy is coming in late 2022. It is a Character Collecting Game which is the most suitable genre for the NFT economy, with unique and beautiful characters. 


Gameplay Lightning Apeiron  


In Epic league, there will be two types of NFTs:   

First, is the Totem NFT. Each game’s Totem is made in the shape of a game character representing that game.    

For example, if you buy Totem NFT for DARK THRONE,  it looks like Paladin or  Assassin. But Totem NFT is not an actual playable character. Think of Nintendo AMIIBO to get the idea. The Totem will look like a 3D figure toy collection wrapped in a beautifully designed box.  

Kind of like Blankos I guess? But they say every single Totem is unique.  


chinese ancient kingdom nft game  

Playing an EPIC LEAGUE game with one or more Totem NFTs buffs up things like rewards, attack points, healing speed, and more.   

And next NFT, are the Gear NFTs.  Here, users can make certain precious items into NFTs.   

These NFTs will be valuable, as they will be used ‘continuously and simultaneously’ among games in the EPIC LEAGUE Platform implementing Cross-games Utilization.    

This means, a Totem NFT you use in DARK THRONE, can still be beneficial to gameplay in Twilight Fantasy, their second game. 


DOM Token GOLD Token  


As mentioned in the intro, The team behind Epic League are RPG Experts with more than 20+ years of experience. Some core team members are: 

  •  Jay (Executive Director) was Technical Lead and Producer at LINE Studio and Netmarble and worked on Marvel Future Revolution, BTS Universe Story, and RAVEN.   
  • Sinhae Lee whose in charge of Business and Partnership at Epic League started her blockchain journey as a Partner at GBIC, a crypto fund based in the US, China, and Korea. But prior to that, she has been deeply involved in the FinTech/blockchain industry in Silicon Valley.   
  • And last but definitely NOT the least, Jeehyung Lee their Creative Executive worked as Art Director and concept artist at Netmarble and Nexon, and is currently a Cover Artist for both Marvel and DC comics. 


Ancient Kingdom Tokenomics  

He has also been developing games for quite some time, including games related to Marvel. His first work as an art director was in Marvel Future Fight.  But now, he’s currently working on the main characters of DARK THRONE.  

To name a few advisors for the project, first, we have  Younghoon Paek who is the head of Netmarble’s mobile business division and the CEO of Netmarble Japan. And Thomas Vu – SANDBOX Advisor & Ex-Riot Games Creative Director.  

A lot more notable team members and advisors that I wasn’t able to mention here can be found on their website linked below. 


Ancient Kingdom NFT  


Epic League finished their seed round with some top funds and angel investors such as YGG SEA,  IVC (Infinity Ventures Crypto), (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) GBIC, WEMADE, and Thomas Vu from MOON HOLDINGS who took the advisor position as well.   

Epic League has raised a million dollars in its first seed funding round.   

Now, let’s talk a bit more regarding their partnership with YGG SEA or YIELD GUILD GAMES Sout East Asia.   

For those unfamiliar, YGG SEA is a play-to-earn gaming guild, bringing players together to earn via blockchain-based economies. 

YGG SEA is currently with 4,400+ active scholars, and is partnered with 30+ P2E games (as of March, 2022). 


Ancient Kingdom NFT Roadmap  

As a leading gaming guild in South East Asia, YGG SEA connects in-game asset owners/managers and P2E gamers.  

EPIC LEAGUE Hub helps to make the YGG SEA guild management easier and more efficient by providing guild owners/managers with statistical information about each player,  such as playtime, current income, play character level, etc. 


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box Sale  


This April they’ll have the Early Access Tickets and the first presale of NFTs. Note that Totem NFT will be sold as a Mystery Box.  

Before the Beta release, you’ll know only which character’s figure (Paladin, Assassin, Demon Hunter) that your Totem has by silhouette image on the box.    

Other information such as rarity and detailed ornaments and accessories will be revealed through the final unboxing when the Beta releases.  More detailed info about it will be announced in a few weeks.  

In May, there will be DARK THRONE Beta, TGE, IDO etc. The team says that all 3 heroes will be ready to battle at 100+ dungeons as well as some P2E features.   

The official whitepaper release will happen this Quarter 2 and more exciting updates and features will be added by Quarter 3 and 4 of this year.  


Ancient Kingdom Mystery Box  

EPIC LEAGUE mentioned 3 things they really care about in their AMA. First, AAA quality games are evident in their artworks.  

Second, time to market – they don’t want to make people wait for years for the game release after purchasing NFT 

And lastly, tokenomics, which at this time they haven’t released much information about. But they said they plan to issue two tokens, governance, and utility.   

Utility tokens will be issued as stablecoins to ensure stable and predictable income for players.  More details about it will be released when ready.  And I’m sure we all are definitely looking forward to it. 

Well, that’s it for our Introduction to Epic League.  

I know it’s a long article but there’s much more information about the project that will be released in the coming weeks so make sure to follow EPIC League’s social media channels. 


Epic League/ Dark Throne Links:

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