Doge Dash NFT Game Review | Play to Earn | A Classic Mario Run-Inspired Side-Scrolling Game

By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 17 Jan 2022

2022 is finally here! I hope you guys had an awesome time.

Last year was great, but 2022 is gonna be even better for Blockchain Games.  

And while we have a lot of notable upcoming play-to-earn games with modern gameplay that’s coming soon, there is another particularly new one that’s quite unique in its own way. 

And its gameplay is rather simple -and pretty classic-like. 

When we combine the legendary gameplay of the side-scrolling adventure game of Super Mario and the Super Meme that this particular Shiba Inu dog was 

-it turns out we get a familiarly cool play-to-earn game.



Now let’s talk about our second game review for 2022, even if it’s not really the year of the dog (Tiger). 

Just thought I should note that for some reason. 

If you love classic games, blockchain technology, crypto, and play 2 earn games, and you’re a dog-lover as well, then this game is definitely for you. 

Introducing: Doge Dash


Doge Dash

Game Overview 

Doge Dash actually had a successful first launch back in December 4. And the gameplay is simple. 

The goal of the game is to not die, of course, and to be able to collect as much coins as you can on each level. 

Doge Dash has 10 levels, each with increasing degree of difficulty. Completing all 10 levels is necessary to win.


Doge Dash

You just need to purchase some DASHES using your cryptocurrency in order to play. DASHES are basically like entrance tickets. 

Before you start, you are given a choice to play either in easy, medium, or hard mode. 

Easy gives 3 lives, medium 2, and hard only 1. And aside from that, the way the mobs and the stages are designed, they are particularly more difficult to move around, too! Believe me, I tried! 

Your dog will always continue running from left to right, and you need to use either the SPACEBAR or the Left Click in order to jump. 

Holding the jump button longer results to a higher jump. 


Doge Dash Gameplay

The way the stages work is that players must be able to navigate their way over and under platforms while dodging and avoiding enemy animals, monsters, and even zombies. 

And there seems to be some sort of attacking mechanism, too. 

You can choose to jump over some of these mobs in order to jump boost even higher, but I tell you, these moves are very risky.

And I’ve also noticed that some mobs, you just have to completely avoid. So take note of that. 


Now, avoiding monsters is obviously not the main goal here, but to collect as many coins as you can. 

Especially the giant coins that you see. 

And of course, the stage is completed when the dog reaches the finish line -which appears to be a little cute dog house. 

You can play the game on the browser, or on mobile by downloading it from the Appstore or Google Play Store. 

The game may not be free to play, but it also doesn’t require players to acquire an NFT in order to play. 


Doge Dash Mobile App

How to Play/Earn (Tokens and Staking) 

No… I told you guys already. 

Doge Dash ain’t got nothin’ to do with Dogecoin. 

In fact, Doge Dash has its own Cryptocurrency that shares the same name. 

In order to start playing and earning, you just need to navigate through their website at, or directly go to 

The game requires you to connect a Metamask Wallet and make sure that you are using the BEP20 or the Binance Smart Chain Network. 

You need a minimum of 100 DOGEDASH Tokens in order to play -since each playthrough would cost you a DASH ticket which costs exactly a hundred tokens. 


Doge Dash Coin

As of the making of this blog, the price of 100 tokens is roughly around $0.04 Cents.  Relatively cheap, it’s almost like playing a game in the arcade that costs only a token to start. 

You can earn more of the same tokens by playing and actually winning the game. 

Each game is won by completing the 10 stages as I just said. 

There are a total of 1,000 collectible tokens per level in Easy Mode, 3000 for Medium, and 10,000 for Hard Mode!


Doge Dash Game Mode

Do your own math. The earning potential for 100 tokens spent is either x100, x300, or x1000 -assuming you collected all coins and finish until the end! 

Which to be honest, is NOT an easy feat of any sort. HAHA! 

You can also earn by Liquidity Pool Staking. Always nice to have additional passive income. 

They have posted their own guide for Doge Dash Liquidity Pool Staking in their medium. 

Visit this link in the description for more info.


Doge Dash Staking

How to Earn (NFTs) 

The game also has a lot of NFTs in the mix. 

There is a collection of 10,000 unique Doge Dash NFTs that have started minting back in December 4 last year. 

And these are the only ones that are ever gonna be. Currently, there are more than 4000 of these NFTs that are on sale at 


Doge Dash NFT

All NFTs are playable skins, and there are also different rarities for these NFTs. 

Rare NFTs will have special abilities that bring incentives to owners whenever they use them in-game. 

We currently know 3 of these special abilities: Extra lives, Super Jump, and Double or even Triple Rewards. 

These perks aren’t active yet, but on a sooner update, I’m sure they will be. 

Fun fact, there are actually 25 NFTs that are considered to be the most unique of all for having only 1 mint each. 

That 0.07 ETH minting price sure got its money’s worth to whoever’s got one of those. 


Doge Dash NFT


The game is still in its very early development stages, but there are many exciting things that are planned for this year. 

On Q1 of 2022, Doge Dash is looking into implementing Game Contests and Leaderboards 

There will be rewards of course!  

For Q2, they are planning on pushing New Merch Lines and actually making 3D Content and NFTs to coincide with the game launch! 

By Q3 and onwards, yeah they are looking into implementing a cross-chain network, developing the Doge World Metaverse in Sandbox, and even more cool stuff soon.


Doge Dash Roadmap

If you wish to know more about the future of the game or do your own research, you can check out their socials, official website, medium posts, and even YouTube videos and watch AMAs and Interviews with Paul Caslin or check out this video from Doge Dash Official for more details about the 2022 Roadmap.  

And the very founder himself, Paul Caslin has been very active doing AMAs and Interviews online. Glad to actually see him and his team enthusiastically putting the work on promoting their game to as many people as possible. 



So what do you think about Doge Dash? Tell us in the comments below. 


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