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By Prin Seu | The Blockchain Gamer | 12 Jan 2022

Hey guys!

Here’s an update video about Adamant Mine – the first ever play to earn game, with an income generating Decentralized Finance Token that also helps the community through charities. 

It’s a simple and low investment NFT game that you surely don’t want to miss out.  If you want to more about it, then read on! 


Adamant Mine Logo


Last month, we have already featured Adamant Mine here.

We talked about it’s gameplay, tokenomics, the team behind it and it’s future plans .  

But let me briefly summarize what Adamant Mine is before we move on to the updates. 



Adamant Mine is a single-player arcade-style game in which players must hunt for Adamant! Your goal is to collect as many $ADMC blocks as possible with simple left, down, right movements.  

Each Adamant mined allows each player to EARN, DONATE, and BURN!



How does that work? 

Well Block rewards are divided into 3: 

60% is burned 

20% is earned by the player 

and 20% is then sent to the charity and operations wallet 

And as I mentioned in the previous video, there are two modes available in this game – NORMAL MODE which is the MAIN Play to earn game mode (more about that in a while) and the other one is the survival mode which is NOT play to earn yet.



And to get started here, you simply have to connect your METAMASK Wallet and hold at least 10M ADMC TOKENS to access the game (note that this may go up or down) – I know that sounds a lot but don’t worry it’s equivalent to 15-20$ ONLY since the value of admc is still low at this time.  

For more info about buying and holding the ADMC token, you can check out the official Adamant Coin website linked below.


How to Buy ADMC 

Normal Mode: Play to Earn

Going back to the Normal Mode, let me explain how this game works.  

Your character here is a Shiba Inu – digging to find hidden gems or treasures. Again it’s a simple left, down, right movements kind of game so anybody can basically play it.

And the goal is to collect as many ADMC blocks as possible with the limited energy level you have while avoiding the bombs. 

Each move costs one energy and players receive only 10 energy per hour and can only have a maximum stored energy of a hundred.  

Meaning it’s not a game that consumes much of your time! 


Adamant Mine Normal Mode

Each adamant block you mine is equivalent to a block reward which changes approximately every 7 days.  

At this time one block is equivalent to 120,000 ADMC tokens where in 60% is burned, 20% earned and 20% is donated to the charity and operations wallet. 

For example since I earned 39 today –  you multiply that to the block reward this week which Is 120,000 

But again, you earn only the 20% of that since 60% will be burned to ensure positive growth for Adamant Coin. So 20%  is 936,000 which is equivalent to more than a dollar.

Of course, the more Adamant (ADMC) you mine, the more value you can get out of the game. 

The other 20% will be donated the charity of the community’s choice. 



Holders of Adamant Mine’s governance token and Adamant Coin, can nominate and vote for their preferred charity every quarter. The charity with the most votes will be awarded Community Charity of Choice for the quarter and receive all of the Charity Wallet’s tokens. 

You’ll see the list of the community-voted charities on their website.  


Adamant Mine: Beta Phase 2

Last month when we talked about Adamant mine, it’s still in it’s Beta Phase 1..

But now that Beta Phase 2 is LIVE –  players can now claim their accumulated Adamant Rewards. Yeap! Those who started early in this game can finally enjoy the fruits of their hardwork.  

But note that gas fee for claiming rewards is quite expensive at around 0.0166 BNB. So make sure to accumulate as many ADMC coins as possible before claiming it to save money from gas fees. 



Adamant Mine on 2022

There are many updates coming this 2022 and one of them is the Adamant Marketplace coming in the first quarter of next year.

Some updates to look forward to as well are the leaderboard, leveling system, and in-game purchases feature. 

I’ve said this before and will say this again, Adamant Mine is just getting started… it’s still in BETA PHASE and there’s SO much more to look forward to.  


Adamant Mine NFT

So make sure to TRY adamant MINE NOW while the value of ADMC is still low and make as many accounts as you like. 

It’s a VERY simple game that even children can play and only requires little investment and a few minutes of your time per day. You not only earn but aso get to be a part of a meaningful cause.  

If you want to know more about the project especially the team behind it, the token allocation and the security of the adamant coin project, then make sure to check our previous video about this project on the link above. And follow Adamant’s offical social media channels linked on the description below. 


What do you think about Adamant Mine? Have you tried it out or will you try it? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. 

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