Why you should stake your BAT!

Welcome to a quick post on how to stake your BAT and Where you should stake it.

For the current price of BAT I can say that selling BAT will be a big mistake in the future, since the current price is only 50%  to 60% down from its ATH.

Now instead selling them, Why not stake it?


Actually you can stake your BAT to Celsius, it has 6.29% APY higher than savings in some exchanges. Also note that the Interest will change weekly depending on the price of the coin. You can also choose which Cryptocurrency your interest will be paid Bitcoin, BAT, CEL token etc.. This is also higher compare to compound interest.


If you want to Join Celsius Network using my referral code 19606373c7 when signing up and earn $20 in BTC with your first deposit of $200 or more! #UnbankYourself


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A noob that wants to be a pro noob.

The best way to stake your BAT
The best way to stake your BAT

Hi, This is my first time posting here in www.publish0x.com. I would like to ask if you sell, hodl or stake your Basic Attention Token? I know most of us sold it or exchange it with our primary coin, my primary reason is that I can earned BAT monthly, in my device by using brave browser.

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