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By Giemo | The Freebie Blog | 6 Feb 2021

Most of the people here are already familiar with Pipeflare as a faucet, where you can earn DOGE and ZEC as well as their own token FLR. However, one main aspect of the site gets overlooked most of the time: It is designed as an Online Arcade and Gaming Community. As such they have three very nice browser games, where you can earn and spend your FLR tokens and even compete for some DAI each week.

The Faucet

Pipeflare might be the simplest way to get introduced to the world of crypto (it sure was for me). If you can't or don't want to spend your own money on crypto and are a bit sceptical about the legitimacy of it, but still want to get exposed to the crypto world, I'd recommend Pipeflare. The daily claims take less than a minute to do and after about 7-10 days you will have earned enough DOGE or ZEC to withdraw it to your wallet. With that little expenditure of time you can verify that Pipeflare is legitimate and you also get some coins in your wallet to play around with. You can sign up using GMail, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, so it's fairly simple and if you want to stay anonymous just create one of those accounts and link them.

The Games

Come for the faucet, stay for the games.

To be honest I also ignored the games for the first two weeks of using Pipeflare and I feel like I missed out a little bit. The games are easy to play, fun and perfect for lunch breaks at work. They can be played on desktop as well as on mobile and have next to no minimum requirements.



Flare Hit wants you to throw knives at a trunk. Hit it with enough knives and it will break, sending you to the next level. But if you hit a knife that is already stuck you will lose a heart.


In Beat Box you need to hit squares with your ball similar to Space Invaders. The higher your level, the more often you need to hit a square for it to be cleared. The squares come closer each round and if they hit the bottom of the screen you will lose one heart. To get a better chance of clearing the blocks you have to collect additional balls, which will be shot each turn. After clearing enough levels you receive a one time use rocket that clears one complete path for you.


Flare Jump is my absolute favourite. It is a simple level based jump and run. It is the game that I play by far the most. Just click anywhere on the screen for your little guy to jump over the abyss and collect coins on the way. Simple and entertaining. 


In all three games you can collect FLR tokens while playing. Additionally all games have a wheel of fortune, which you can spin twice a day for extra hearts or FLR tokens. Currently they can only be spent in Beat Box for different looking balls.  If you perform among the best 300 players in one of the games, you can earn up to 10 DAI in the weekly competition. 

Additional Perks

Pipeflare recently added a monthly airdrop. Every registered user will earn some FLR depending on the amount of FLR they currently have. If you are a supporter (buy a monthly subscription with even more perks) you are also eligible for some ZEC. 

If you redeem your tokens daily, you receive daily rewards as seen in the image below. The bonus spin can earn you up to 5$ in ZEC, but is dependent on luck alone.


They also have a tier based referral program, where you earn percentages of the tokens gained by the people you referred. If they themselves refer someone you will also get a smaller percentage of their earnings. If you are among the 10 highest referrers, you will earn up to 175$ in ZEC. Additionally, for every 5 people referred you are eligible to 1 free spin.



If you don't already have an account with Pipeflare, it would be nice if you used my referral link below. But with or without the referral, I think you can't go wrong with the site, so check it out if you haven't.


Though I will never post links that I am not convinced are legitimate and useful, you should always do your own research before signing up on a site. I will benefit if you sign up through one of the below links:

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