[Part 6] - The journey through Splinterlands: The Springtrain Tournament

By Giemo | The Freebie Blog | 12 Apr 2021

You are convinced you can beat higher rated opponents, because all that's holding you back is the missing card power? You think you can outsmart those high tier diamond decks with your insane tactical knowledge of the game, if given the chance? You want to see how far you can go in a tournament, where everyone plays more than 20 games per row and the ruleset is beginner friendly? You wanna win awesome NFTs while competing for the top spots? Then I have good news for you:


button spring training fever.gif

The Springtrain Tournament is an initiative by davemccoy to bring the world of NFTs to the Splinterlands community. As the name suggest it is a training ground kind of tournament, where everybody can join, doesn't matter which rank or card power you hold. You will battle in over 20 games per round against players of all ranks in a Bronze/No Legendary ruleset to see how far your skill and knowledge of the game will take you
At the same time you are guaranteed some very nice NFTs and the chance to win very rare ones in the following auctions. It's the ideal place, especially for people who just started the game, to get exposed to some high quality games and guaranteed prizes. One of the NFTs that can be bid on in the auction after the tournament is this Chanseus The Great:


If you are curious how exciting these battles can be, here is a little appetizer from my last Springtrain participation, which had my two most insane games so far:

Fluffy the Savior
David vs Goliath

It gives you an idea how awesome these games can be, especially fighting against higher rated and seemingly overpowered opponents. And even if you lose, you not only win some knowledge on what to do better or which cards to buy, you will still receive your NFT prizes for participating.


For more information about the tournament and how you can win NFTs and bid in the auction can be found in the Team Possible Discord Channel. So head over there and the whole Team Possible guild will great you with open arms.

What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

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