[Part 3] - The (almost) free journey through Splinterlands: Dodge Explained

By Giemo | The Freebie Blog | 18 Feb 2021

As a beginner a lot of game mechanics are clouded in mystery. There is an FAQ page, which at least tells us what each ability does and how the game works in general, but most of it is very vague and not explained in detail. One of the things I struggled with in the beginning is the dodge chance. In this post we will have a look at how the dodge chance is calculated and which abilities effect it. 


The Speed of a monster not only determines in which order they can attack, but also how likely it is that a melee/ranged attack would miss. To calculate how high the dodge probability is, we need to have a look at the differences of Speed between the attacking and the attacked monster. The formula that is used is

speed_difference * 10% = dodge_chance.

In the below example FLAME MONKEY is attacking the GOBLIN MECH. Because the FLAME MONKEY has only a Speed of 1, whereas the GOBLIN MECH has a Speed of 3. The difference in speed_difference is 2. If we put that in the formula above we get the resulting dodge chance as 2 * 10% = 20%

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Abilities that affect Speed

  • 27f726281d29c414137401d0e0c1b3752469a5b9ff474caa9343a25892349cb0.png
    • Has increased Melee attack and Speed when damaged
  • 780c8c0717c65e91652b2bd8d6635658f1f8a7ba72d19de67def5d4b85f8ba10.png
    • Reduces the Speed of all enemy Monsters
  • 1d7d2a3079c58bbca861e982df5fb1fc1b3869c846f89fd333841da16198f68b.png
    • All friendly Monsters have increased Speed


Abilities that increase dodge chance

  • 7dde4b8da4673eabaa1b2d243cfcfcab25cd40bb89f3ffe65a52f591e680852a.png       
    • Increases the dodge chance against melee/ranged attacks by 15%
  • 65e35afeb9245ad1400be0a2f3fc9a0b5231bdd7df5da980506da84cae83ab4b.png   
    • Increases the dodge chance against melee/ranged attacks by 25%
  • 199ce10a93b1c0749ea3d41f5e20bec5acb68f46439077c00ef9a5d6bd6fe1fd.png     
    • Increases the dodge chance against non-flying melee/ranged attacks by 25% 
  • 52f601bda24ccc914a1b19538f787a1afb1050deb1e8df1221ea22707cfe07f5.png   
    • Magic attacks can miss. The same dodge calculation apply as they do for melee/ranged


Abilities that counter dodge chance

  • 12f3f5a4879c3d1df12c6f7f5c130968b597dd858c412964090b57e150e2014b.png
    • Removes all negative effects on the Monster in the first position on the friendly team (blind will get removed)
  • 6bb78730654271aaf13c52e32d2832d417440e017d202fe8bef9718d017ddafc.png
    • This monster is immune to negative status effects (blind will get ignored)
  • 90fec4cd0eddda698af6cd4b764048f337deda82402464eadee942387f5ce483.png
    • When attacking enemies with Flying, removes the Flying ability and cannot miss
  • 3928360a2b9cdb1acc9b41771e67cb58fc51443c937f10b4345f4fced7d7a077.png
    • This Monster's attacks cannot miss


To calculate the final dodge chance of an attack, the dodge chances of Speed and abilities is added up. To calculate the total dodge chance we can use the formula:

(speed_difference * 10%) + ability_dodge_chance = total_dodge_chance.

In the below example the FLAME MONKEY is attacking the GLORIDAX SOLDIER. The difference in Speed is 1, but since the GLORIDAX SOLDIER has the Flying ability and the FLAME MONKEY doesn't the total dodge chance for this attack become (1 * 10%) + 25% = 35%.

d5c6ab9138fe3f8b916cff3407c4f4f5d871e258b893f3a85432c0cc2e9af9f9.png  Attacks  bcea054a2561ad8cd56d9a1df37fedd2bac5202461371b390817d611a9078d73.png


All of the above explanations come from a fairly inexperienced player. If something is incorrect or you have more information about the things listed, feel free to correct me in the comments.




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