Belacam’s New Storefront

By Daniel Goldman | The B.C.U. Times | 31 Aug 2019

Every good crypto-based platform needs some internal uses for their token. Belacam just added another use for BELA with their storefront.

One of the problems with so many cryptoassets in the world is that they were created for the sole purpose of funding ICOs. Once the tokens are out in the wild, they’re essentially useless unless someone decides to accept them as a form of payment. But why would someone just start accepting a token? Perhaps they think that it will have more potential in the future and they want to become a whale. That’s what happened with early BTC adopters, and it worked. But with so many tokens in the world, it’s hard to keep that kind of dream-like demand going, which is why projects that continue to issue tokens in the current stage of the blockchain revolution need to create the initial demand themselves. Here’s a selection of gift cards that can be purchased. The interface itself looks nice, so I’m excited to see what comes next.


In the future, they’ll likely add more options. Merchandise is probably the best way to go, because if they order in bulk, they can keep costs low, while creating a higher market value for BELA. Not every item has to have the same conversion rate. What matters is the average conversion, weighted by demand for each product, so even if gift cards have a fairly low conversion rate, if the merchandise has a significantly higher conversion rate and demand, BELA’s market value will go up. But why?

Market Clearing Price

The reason that exchange prices will stabilize to the new aggregate value is that any exchange sale of BELA, at less than that aggregate value, will be purchased quickly, because the buyer is getting a deal. Moreover, some of the sellers will cancel their sale orders in order to use the token in the market, to buy things for themselves. These two conditions will clear the lower priced sales, leaving only those sale orders closer to the new aggregate purchasing power in their market.

Final Thoughts

With the ability to buy giftcards directly using BELA, without first converting to fiat, BELA now has a new source of demand. And Belacam’s storefront is a good start. However, I want to see more in the future. Not only do I hope that they add Belacam themed merchandise, I really am hoping that one day people will be able to sell their own artwork, directly from the platform. But as with all projects, Belacam needs to take things once step at a time. Check out the Belacam shop yourself, and if you’re not yet a Belacam user, feel free to use my referral link to sign up.

Disclaimer: This article represents my own thoughts and is not the official stance of Belacam or its associates. I also own BELA tokens and invest using them. Article originally published on Medium.

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