Stack the Sats, weekly passive income challenge...

Stack the Sats, weekly passive income challenge...

By Adam Funnell | The Bash Blog | 26 Jan 2020

So I have decided to set myself a challenge... stack Sats without mining. Only writing as I would do normally, hopefully get a few tips from @publish0x and if I am really lucky get a few Wirex referrals along the way!

The Rules

  • Browse as usual using the Brave Browser
  • Us Publish0x to write some articles
  • Use Wirex Card to make purchases for day to day spending.
  • Don't mine and only use my smartphone
  • Take suggestions along the way, as long as they are legal, not a ponzi
  • Don't buy any Crypto, but exchange for and calculate in MBTC (Sats) at every opportunity 

The Timescale 

At the end of an 8 week timescale, take a total, with weekly updates on total and new opportunities shared as they happen.

Wirex referral bonuses are allowed but they shouldn't be shoved down readers or followers throats! However if anyone wants to take part, they are welcome to use my link..


2020 is the year for adoption and with two great opportunities for FREE Crypto, I want to see how much I can accumulate without investing or mining, using the one tool we have on us all the time - the Smartphone...

I do not expect to get rich, but if we can show how anyone can get Crypto for free, I think it will go some way to help spread the love (and help mass adoption).

Drumroll please...

So, one week in, how much have I stacked?

It's worth noting I only got the Wirex card a few days ago, but one week on and I have earned 0.000271 BTC, around $2.30 for two days spending and 7 days browsing! Not bad!

Just one more thing...

Any other tools you use, JUST using a smartphone, NOT mining, ponzi or illegal? Please comment below...

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Adam Funnell

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