FREE BITCOIN (no really!)

FREE BITCOIN (no really!)

By Adam Funnell | The Bash Blog | 27 Jan 2020

So as part of my occasional series on passive income, I want to introduce you to a platform that the creators claim to have built out of frustration with the current blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape.

I met the team in Malta and was very impressed by the offer! 

Built by a core team have been active in the blockchain space for a few years, they saw a pain point - there were little to no products designed to drive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency use and adoption.

Enter Captain Bitcoin! This revolutionary platform will give away thousands of Dollars worth of Bitcoin daily.

This hero wants to fill the wallets of every person on the planet !


Simply watching videos!

Bitcoin and the innovative CAPT tokens are given to users as they watch video content, just for you giving your time.

Join a new community!

The team, along with all cryptoheads out there, are certain that cryptocurrencies and blockchain will impact and change the world for good and for the best. 

Captain Bitcoin aims to be a place where we can all learn about crypto find out about the latest and greatest projects.

Is it really free Bitcoin?


The team have a vision, that vision everyone in the world should have Bitcoin and the Captain wants to give you some, but at no point will the Talisman of BTC ask you for money or Crypto, that's the Captains guarantee!

The team are doing a $15,000 Bitcoin giveaway to get things started! Sign up here for your chance to win.

How successful will the team be? They certainly have the right attitude and the incentive is there to make this happen. Let's see where it goes, but Inwill do a full review and update when the platform is live.

Adam Funnell
Adam Funnell

Passionate about disruptive technology. I hold BTC, Ethereum and smaller holdings in WXT, BAT, and BNB.

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The Bash Blog

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