The Bank of Evil- Part Two

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Chapter 5

Sheriff John Sanders drove his jeep through the wasteland. Earlier that morning, he had gotten a call from some folks in town about their missing friends. They were worried Rex, Mateo and Jade had done something foolish.

As Sanders parked outside the Bank of Evil, he could already sense something was wrong. The place reeked of death. He shivered, then drew his gun and went inside.

The corpses of the thieves still lay in the vault, torn apart. Sheriff Sanders backed away from the carnage. He didn't know what evil inhabited this place, but he knew to stay far away.

After calling in a warning on his radio to avoid the area, Sanders drove off. He hoped no other poor souls would be drawn to the Bank and its deadly secrets.

Chapter 6

Weeks later, two men on motorcycles arrived at the Bank of Evil. They were Alexander Pike and William Hayes, a pair of adventurers and treasure hunters. They had picked up stories about this abandoned bank and the riches rumored within.

"This is the place alright," said Pike. "Let's check it out."

They entered the silent bank, guns ready in case of trouble. As they approached the vault, they noticed dark stains on the floor. Pike nudged Hayes and pointed at the bizarre marks.

"Looks like blood," said Hayes nervously.

Pike's eyes narrowed. "Stay alert. There's something not right here."

Despite his unease, Hayes couldn't resist taking a peek in the vault. It was his last mistake. The demonic guardians lurking inside the cursed bank claimed two more victims.

Chapter 7

Sheriff Sanders arrived to investigate after Pike and Hayes went missing. He found their ravaged corpses and knew the evil had awakened again. Sanders sealed up the bank as best he could.

No records remained to explain what sort of abomination the bank held. Sanders could still hear the echoes of the men's screams in his mind. All he knew was that the building must remain isolated.

Word of the deaths spread. For decades, the ruins of the Bank of Evil remained undisturbed - left to crumble and be forgotten in the wasteland sands. It passed into legend, occasionally claiming some foolhardy explorer or treasure seeker drawn by the legends of its wealth.

But its true nature remained hidden - an ancient evil that consumed any who drew too close. Some doors should remain unopened. Sanders made sure the bank stayed buried in the past, never to reveal the secrets that slept restlessly within its corrupted walls.

Chapter 8

30 years later...

Jack Sullivan stepped off the bus into the searing desert heat. The young archaeology student had become obsessed with finding the mythical Bank of Evil ever since he first heard stories from his grandfather.

Despite warnings to stay away, Jack was determined to find it and unlock its secrets. He hoped this would make him famous in academic circles.

After weeks of searching old maps and following crumbs of local folklore, he'd finally arrived in the wasteland where the bank was rumored to be hidden. Slinging his backpack over one shoulder, Jack set out into the desert on what he was certain would be the adventure of a lifetime.

Novel Based On The NFT: Project Each Day- DAY SIXTEEN

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The Bank of Evil
The Bank of Evil

The Bank of Evil

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