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"Look into the mirror each day and say, 'I love you,' before you become a monster."

The Bank of Evil

In the middle of nowhere,
A lonely bank did stand.
Its treasures were rumored to be
More valuable than gold or land.

In a wasteland bare and vast,
Stood a building, solid and cast.
Fort Knox it was not, yet treasures untold,
Lay locked in its vaults, or so legends foretold.

Greed drew robbers near, lured by whisper and rumor,
Of relics so precious, their worth beyond measure.
Yet ignorance left them blind, to the evil inside,
Hungry for souls, the dark relics would bide.

Through shadows they crept, on a moonless night,
Tools in hand to rob without fight.
The vault stood before them, promising loot,
Unaware of the danger, they began to root.

Then a sound pierced the silence, a bone-chilling wail,
The lights flickered and died, their faces turned pale.
From the dark crawled the guardians, twisted and vile,
Demons unleashed from each cursed relic's pile.

The robbers screamed as claws tore at their flesh,
The demons feasting on life energy fresh.
One by one they fell, souls devoured whole,
Dragged to hell by the horrors they failed to control.

When morning arose, no trace could be found,
Just blood on the floor, the vault doors shut sound.
The bank as before, silent and bare,
Hiding its secrets from those who would dare.

So head this warning if treasures you seek -
True wealth is not gold, but the goodness within.
Lest you unleash darkness that evil does reap,
Guard well your soul and turn from sin.

That ancient bank still stands today,
Keep far away, stay well away!
Lest demons rise, your life they leech,
And into hell your soul will reach.

The end.


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The Bank of Evil
The Bank of Evil

The Bank of Evil

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