How a Small Business is Coping with the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

By rexngum | Rex | 10 Apr 2022


The Russia-Ukraine conflict has escalated rapidly over the past week, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula. This has led to international condemnation, with the United States and European Union imposing sanctions on Russia. The United Nations Security Council has also condemned Russia's actions, calling for a withdrawal of Russian forces from Crimea.


The effect of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is far-reaching. It has led to an increase in tensions between Russia and the West, and has put countries in the region on edge. It also raises the specter of a new Cold War, with the potential for further escalation.


The Russia-Ukraine conflict has also had an economic impact, with the Russian stock market plunging and the value of the ruble falling. Though the ruble recovered after it was pegged to gold (5000 rubles per gram of gold) Also disrupting energy supplies from Russia to Europe and to home country some basic commodities like wheat.


The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a complex and rapidly evolving situation. It is a major test for the international community, and its response will have far-reaching implications.


The effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict are real and no part of the world won't be affected.


Before the conflict, we have had a loaf of bread priced at 200frs cfa and that have been normal for the passed years. Lately, the same loaf of bread was priced at 250frs cfa. It's terrifying to have a basic complement (bread), priced up a whooping twenty five percent (25%). Why the sudden increase? A fifty kilogram sac of wheat usually sold for 19000frs cfa but with the Russian-Ukraine conflict, it's up 24000frs cfa.


To counter this, the manufacturers have to produce a low quality loaf at the normal price of 200frs cfa. It is a no brainer, to have the low quality at same price. Economically, this is a good strategy than a massive price hikes in the market where the final consumer pays the price.


Fortunately, a local bakery is changing the narrative. One local bakery is helping produce bread with a locally made fluorine. He bakes bread with cassava fluorine (cassava: a starchy white or red tuber) It's hard to tell "PAIN ENRICHI FARINE MANIOC 10%" (ENRICHED CASSAVA BREAD 10%) the producer claims. Notably, encouraging local consumption.




This is a local bakery in the conflict stricken region of South West of Cameroon. 

However, the bread looks crunchy just like the wheat like ones found here in the center region of Cameroon.

This is just an example of one out of tens of coping with the their business as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict who depend on imported products from these two countries of the world. 

It would be great eating bread baked with cassava. 


In all, war, conflict, social unrest, etc that disturb two parties affects a majority. 

Given the digital and global world, humans should  learn to give peace a chance.




How about you and your country...


Thanks for reading. 

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I am a Cryptocurrency enthusiast and a Blockchain believer. Visionary on how Digital Assets will impact the lives of the unbanked and underbanked. I am not an investment genius but a guy who believes in the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the Blockchain 😁 ✍


I am a Cryptocurrency enthusiast, a Blockchain believer. Visionary on how Digital Assets will impact the lives of the unbanked and underbanked. This blog is meanly to produce information about cryptocurreny. May write reviews about programs, news, and comments.

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