Mountain Lions on the Deck

The Internet loves cats, and these cats are big. It’s interesting how with cats, no matter how big they are, they all still just look like cats.

These cats also act just like regular house cats too, at least as far as basic behavior is concerned. I’ve seen regular house cats jump up on the railing of decks and walk around before, just like one of the cats in this video does.

Of course these cats aren’t ones you should really try to pet, as mountain lions aren’t the friendliest of creatures and they’re, well, big. But watching them wander around, it still makes you want to pet them. Just like one shouldn’t try to pet a bear. Or a porcupine. Hedgehogs are okay, as long as you’re careful.

Still, even if you can’t pet these big cats, looking out the window and seeing something like this wandering around on your deck would certainly be interesting.

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The Art of Cosmic Citadel

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