Rising tide.

As the price of bitcoin falls the opportunities for bitcoin and etherum to uncouple is an opportunity for altcoins and buying the dips.

The whales have cashed out on Bitcoin and doge coin and a surge of interest has flooded crypto markets.

Cuba has made it a priority to include crypto in it's economic plans, a major UK bank has refused business with stores that accept crypto as payment, Coinbase has gone public and leveled the playing field and Turkey has banned crypto altogether with their exchange going dark yesterday.



The buzz generated by doge coin, the excitement of millions of people watching the rise of a meme coin and the speculation and awe generated by a shiba inu puppy on a coin is astounding.

Shake pay is trying to compete with with a new visa card that gives bitcoin cashback.

The ever changing volatile crypto market is a sight to behold and even the CEO of Blackrock financial calls Bitcoin a "whole new investment class".

The green wave of mining is eploding into markets, and a wave of mobile only crypto projects is flooding the market with speculative opportunities with little risk other than straining your thumb.



Rollercoin mining simulater


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I'm a dad who works full time and has a huge interest in austrian economics and crypto

The anti statist crypto monger
The anti statist crypto monger

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