Doge to inflate and implode?

Will doge surpass udst this saturday?

I think after Elon musks sketch on SNL the mainstream doge investors will be watching Binance charts like a hawk, as the whales might be taking profit.

Margin traders on binance are keeping the price from inflating too fast and taking profit like crazy.

You see the same trends in the stock market, all the stocks are shorted like crazy because of meme stocks.

Why should a meme coin be any different?

Will the shiba inu puppy rise 10,000% like bitcoin?

Does the price hinge on musk tweets to stay afloat?

I can't wait to find out.

Meanwhile the UK central bank is decrying crypto as "not based in real money" while simultaneously creating their own block chain currency...banks have a big interest in crypto, they want to control it.

It's up to is to prevent this!


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I'm a dad who works full time and has a huge interest in austrian economics and crypto

The anti statist crypto monger
The anti statist crypto monger

Decentralisation equals liberty.

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