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[77] Three sisters and two female dogs… (Episode - 23)

Genie said, this young girl saved my life at a time. As a reward, I felt blessed to do some good to him. These dogs are two of their two sisters. They tried to kill him. So I have made them dogs. If you want, I can bring them back to the previous look.
The caliph said, "I think they have done enough fruits for their work." Now release them. Then I saw Aminar. If his story is true, then as soon as his husband has to find my whole empire. I will not tolerate so much torture in my country.

Jinnah said, "I'll give you whatever you want." Let's return the dog to the previous look. Before that, I would like to say a little less to the king.
The caliph is curious. Say it

Amina can present the oppressive husband in the block. She is very close to you.

Who is he?

She is your son, Al Amin.

All the courts stopped for a moment. There's no talking to someone in the face. Only a long voice heard of the caliph was heard.

In a vessel, a little water is used to spray the dog on both sides of the pot, and all of the spatial geniuses. Then it was found that the two young dogs were gradually shaped as a silver-faced young woman.

So far no one has spoken the word of the court. Not the caliph Maybe you were shocked by the words of Gianyara, what can be believed? There was reason to disbelieve in the case of a man. Proof of paper was needed.

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The ancient & mythological story
The ancient & mythological story

At one time, there was an eminent provincial ruler of the Shasan dynasty, was rule the Great Empire of the East. He had a large army, uncountable slave and beloved people. His two sons.

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