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[70] Three sisters and two female dogs…(Episode - 16)

I spent a month, I could not understand. Happy days are all running out quickly. One day I told my husband, I have to go to the market. Need to buy some clothes.

With the consent of the smiling, I went out to market with the old woman. They are tempted to see all saris in a silk cloth shop. I told the shopkeeper, that you have good clothes, show them.

The shopkeeper got out of a lot of expensive sari. Do not wish to have all of them. I liked Khan. The shoppers pierced the thicknesses. I put out the penny in the hands of the old lady. But the shopkeeper does not want to take the price. He said, today you have given the dust of the feet in my shop. Do not take any price today. Take these my gifts.

I got angry. He is not, if you do not take the price, you'll leave them. I can not take the price without me.

Old woman, do not mother When he wants to love, what is the harm?

Love? What is love? No, you go from here. I do not need my dress.

The shopkeeper stood side by side with the hand. What is she Get angry and go away? This little bit of sari, how much or its price. They are giving you gifts. Please be happy with me Instead of you a little company, two sweet words and a little kiss I hope you have.

I understand that the shopkeeper has a hand in the bammyesh Burhita. The devil has brought me money from him and he has brought me here. Salvation can not be found easily.


To Be Continued...

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The ancient & mythological story
The ancient & mythological story

At one time, there was an eminent provincial ruler of the Shasan dynasty, was rule the Great Empire of the East. He had a large army, uncountable slave and beloved people. His two sons.

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