Took myself to dinner! And it was wonderful!

Still finding the courage

I'm still
The courage to live
I cherish this beautiful black mare
This mane and powerful tongue
Thou scars cover the thoughts of my past
Feelings drape the vision of what's left
The aching of old threats and yet
I'm still finding the courage

Of course there are easier ways to peel this onion.
There's a sweet breeze about my inner most self
The smooth waves of destiny we feel looking to touch
harmony, solitude, and lip less given; left finding my opinion
I'm still finding the courage

To tell old me new me lived and loves harder because chance; no. God made out time like this
God made his hand affixed to my trim
And now I'm caught in the bed coils of nappy hair and soul tie
Whole Note.

Untrimmed swine yet tied to the devine.
I'm still finding the courage

Roads lead lives to. We as for the trees but think where I just took you. Endless thought surrounding your mind. And mine. It's what you want to hear. Clearing my throat..

I'm still finding the courage.


To : M.M.

May God show you all it's worth,


🌻 in the 🌞.

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Poet with God for a pen. ~G.P.~

The accounts of a young black intellect
The accounts of a young black intellect

I am simply a humble poet with refreshing tales of the vision. See with me...

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