I describe what windows is(it`s short)

What is Windows?

By Dnobs | that is how it goes | 8 Sep 2020

What is Windows

Windows is an operating system that is installed on most computer.
You communicate with your PC via an operating system. The operating system acts as the interface between you and your hardware. In a figurative sense, it is an interpreter between you and your computer. Windows is an operating system that is characterized by a graphical user interface that is relatively intuitive to understand. This saves you from typing long and cumbersome command lines when you want to do something on your computer. Would you like to trigger a specific action on your computer? Windows will do the rest for you. As the software house Microsoft was one of the first to bring out a user-friendly operating system for the PC, Windows quickly established itself on the market. In addition, more and more laypeople and end users are using a PC. That is why it was and is important to be able to operate a computer easily.
But there is a alternative for Windows:
Linux is more for the advanced user the interface is not quite as clear as that of Windows but there is also MacOS that you could use as a beginner but you bring an Apple computer.

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that is how it goes
that is how it goes

I will explain different things to you that include crypto but also software

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