What is better Binance or Huobi Global 2020

By Dnobs | that is how it goes | 10 Sep 2020


I will explain to you what advantages and disadvantages both have and at the end I tell you what I use



Binance normal trading fees are 0.1%Maker/0.1%Taker. Thes fees are low


Positive facts:

You can earn interest of your balance
You have a mobile app
You can stake Crypto
You can buy Crypto with a credit card 


Negative facts:

The withdrawl fees are high



Huobi Global

Huobi normal trading fees are 0.2%Maker/0.2%Taker. The fees are low but higher than Binance.


Positive facts:

You can buy/sell Crypto quick with Visa, Mastercard
You have a good view of your orders


Negative facts:

You have a high withdrawl fee like Bitcoin



I use Binance because it is more suitable for me. 
But it depends on what you need it for


      Inspired by Tom29

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that is how it goes
that is how it goes

I will explain different things to you that include crypto but also software

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