Are You Growing Your BTC Garden?

Are You Growing Your BTC Garden?

By David P. | That Crypto Club | 6 Jan 2020

Seriously... ARE YOU?
BTC Garden Is Legit!

This is BTC Garden, one of my keys to passive crypto income.

When you start to examine the website, you'll see why that disclaimer is necessary: this place looks like an absolute scam. There are little errors here and there, the lottery and referral contest are no longer running, there seems to be no present admin or mod anywhere... 

But having said all that, it is a rock-solid income machine at its core and IT PAYS OUT LIKE CLOCKWORK!

This is BTC Garden.

Okay, you can go CHECK IT OUT now... but I should still explain a few things first, so come back and keep reading.

It's not as bad as I make it sound: the user experience is pretty good when you get past the little things. The core concept is the farm... you buy crops and animals, then harvest the various things every day to maximize the interest you earn. Simple.

But harvesting every day is the key! If you don't harvest at all, you lose your whole investment... so you can miss a few days, but you want to make your purchases on a schedule that works for you. Get all the interest.


It's not the cheapest place to get started-- the cheapest crop is 100,000 satoshis for a month-- but you can earn between 10% and over 26% interest per month! It depends on the things you buy, of course... I mainly stick to apples and turkeys, which are 16% and 20% respectively, and I've managed to make over 400,000 satoshis in pure profit so far! No joke. 

Make tons of Bitcoin at BTC Garden.

There is a rolling proof of payments that you can see anytime too, if you're worried about its viability... I've been paid successfully a few times already, so I can confirm its legitimacy.

I haven't even mentioned the advertising platform you can use to view paid ads or advertise yourself... and referrals can help out too. But the lion's share of your profit will come from the interest you accrue. Keep reinvesting and purchasing better livestock, and it adds up quickly!

I think that's enough talk for now though. It probably won't be the last time I mention it anyway... I love this place. I should give an honourable mention to FREEBITCOIN too, as I do park some of my Bitcoin there and make a cool 4.08% consistently (plus its hourly freeroll that I often take advantage of) but it all goes much further at The Garden... 

Yes, I will make some referral income... but it's for your own good.

PLEASE NOTE- Jan. 6th/2020: My withdrawals are blocked due to network congestion... I'm really hoping this is temporary, but I will keep you posted as I keep trying. The ETH network has had similar traffic issues and I had to postpone transactions to avoid huge gas fees. (Sigh. Growing pains.)

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