A Coinbase Hack For What Ails You

A Coinbase Hack For What Ails You

By David P. | That Crypto Club | 7 Jan 2020

(Crypto) Life Hacks: Episode 1

A Coinbase crypto hack from me to you.

Maybe this is no big thing-- and maybe most of you already know about it-- but I know of one little Coinbase hack, thanks to THE IDLE EMPIRE.

In an environment where fees have become commonplace, and often quite burdensome, I discovered two-- count them, two-- crypto transactions that cost me absolutely nothing. Zero.

1. Idle Empire to COINBASE 
2. Coinbase to anywhere

Again, maybe this won't blow too many minds out there... but it was a game-changer for me personally as I started moving around my small, incremental piles of cryptocurrency. There were always miner and gas fees-- transaction costs that were eating away at my bottom line.

But then I was offered a helpful tip that gave me hope, and which allowed me to keep more of what was mine!

Keep the crypto you earn.

So first: What is The Idle Empire?

It's a crypto rewards platform, basically... but unlike many of the cheesy wastes of time out there, The Empire does it all very well. And I've earned A LOT OF FREE BITCOIN over the last handful of months (well over 3,000,000 satoshis at this point) doing things like surveys, game trials, a few casino rewards and so on.

I've even achieved second place in their weekly leaderboard TWICE, which banked me an extra 400,000 satoshis altogether. It's very possible if you time it right and do a few of the bigger reward offers. 

There are lots of other withdrawal options-- Paypal, game skins, and more-- but the Coinbase hack is only applicable to Bitcoin, Ether and the other available altcoins. I've always stuck to cryptocurrency withdrawals... it's what I'm there for.

I'll talk more about The Idle Empire in future posts, I'm sure, but I want to get at the meat of the matter. Go ahead, SIGN UP NOW and start earning... but let's get to the star of the show.

Coinbase Makes Crypto-Life Easier!

Coinbase makes crypto life easier!

You've probably heard of COINBASE... and you might even have an account already, but I'll quickly say that it's an online cryptocurrency exchange, trading platform and multi-currency wallet. It is a well-established company, properly licensed and regulated... Coinbase is one of the most trusted web wallets and platforms around!

I knew these things, but I wasn't aware of certain capabilities until The Idle Empire enlightened me...


Well, the first part is that any transfers between Coinbase accounts are absolutely free. So the Idle Empire pays out its crypto rewards in this way, so its members are never forced to pay fees.

That is not entirely new, and other platforms have adopted this approach to internal transfers between accounts. Still cool though, and we can employ this function at certain times on our own to avoid fees.

The hack, however, involves your Coinbase Pro account... did you know you have one as soon as you SIGN UP at Coinbase?

That's right! You can use the same email address and password to log in to Coinbase Pro! And from there, you can withdraw your crypto to any wallet you choose ABSOLUTELY FREE!


When you switch to Coinbase Pro, you'll see that your "portfolios" are empty. So make a deposit using your Coinbase account balance... click on DEPOSIT, choose your currency and then click on COINBASE ACCOUNT at the top. This will allow you to transfer funds over to Pro, and it will happen instantly.

Once your crypto is in your Coinbase Pro portfolio, you can then WITHDRAW to any wallet for free!

The Coinbase hack that will save you money.

That's it, y'all. Like I said... it won't change your life in a significant way, but every little bit counts when you're building up a passive income. Fees can often make the little things we do unprofitable, so avoiding even a few of them goes a long way.

If this tip helps even a few good people, I'll be happy. 

David P.
David P.

I enjoy discovering- and writing about- fun, informative and profitable things in all kinds of arenas: cryptocurrency, blogging, marketing and more! The Brave browser came first for me, and Publish0x more recently... it all just makes sense!

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