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Brave browser review Brave browser review – Brave browser is developed by Brave Software Inc, an open source browser developed from the Chromium core similar to Google Chrome, founded by CEO Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla and CEO Brian Bondy. See more review articles about timebucks, 1 great monetization platform. How to make money on brave 2020? Nội dung bài viết [Ẩn đi]


I. Brave browser review

1. Introducing the Brave browser.

Brave browser is developed by Brave Software Inc, an open source browser developed from the Chromium core similar to Google Chrome, founded by CEO Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla and CEO Brian Bondy.

2. What is Brave Browser?

With the desire to bring users absolute security and safety, as well as enhance the user experience by blocking ads from 3rd parties, Brave browser is used by more than 8 million monthly users and about 3 million daily users. Currently Brave supports both computers and phones with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems. What makes this browser so popular? It certainly stands out, as the name implies – Brave. Brave is a Chromium-based web browser developed by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich. Therefore, this browser has advantages of Chrome browser and security – privacy of Firefox. On 20 January 2016, Brave Software launched the first version of Brave with an ad blocking feature, and announced plans for a privacy ad feature and a revenue sharing program. If you want to know more about the history of the brave browser, see here.

II. Compare Brave browser and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

1. Speed.

Brave’s speed is faster than Mozilla and Chrome because by default this browser blocks all ads to help you browse the web faster, blocking malware helps you browse more safely. You can set ad blocking features on the browser, but it will take your time. If you use the Brave browser, it is different, the ad blocking feature is built into the browser. This is good news for those who like to surf the web and watch entertaining videos, if you are annoyed with pop-up ads because it negatively affects the user experience, simply download Brave Browser then replace the current browser. Especially for those who use their phones or tablets to browse the web, Brave is a top priority because it saves battery and Data 4G, the battery is hot due to having to use additional resources for the displayed ads, though Some ads may hide on the border, but there’s no denying it also annoys the user. Brave browser will let you know the speed of loading websites, how many seconds, how many ads and script code, the total amount of time saved when you open the browser. Also you can turn off the ad blocking function very easily and can customize according to your preferences.   Brave Browser     Watch the video to see the speed of Brave Browser compared to Chrome, Mozilla. If you are annoyed with ads when you access the internet, watch videos, or want to use a browser with high page load speed, after a brave browser review, we recommend that you download the browser courageously replace the current browsers.

2. Security.   In terms of privacy, although Chorme has an anonymous browser, we all know that Google also informs users that their security mode will not save browsing history, turn off Cookies, but will not protect people. Used from the network (ISP), the school or company data storage system … That means we may look “safe” but it is not absolute, those who are strong enough can still find out what you have done. The Fingerprinting feature prevents third parties from tracking user activity, which can be enabled in the Settings tab. Brave browser has Tor mode so you can be protected, when users use Tor, the information transferred between the personal computer and the server will go through many different network nodes, through each node. The encryption should be very confidential. However, it also makes the page loading speed slow, at this time users face 2 issues with speed, reducing security and vice versa, if you need absolute security, Brave is the perfect choice. For you, download the Brave browser to experience it today. Brave also comes with additional features to enhance privacy while browsing websites, incorporating HTTPS everywhere that allows the use of website encryption whenever possible. In terms of security, after reviewing the brave browser, we found that the Brave browser fully meets the security and safety features. If you do jobs like accounting, banking, politicians … you should use Brave browser, it’s free.   Brave-browser-review-1.jpg

3. Other Function.

And yet in Brave browser has a built-in Torrent download feature right in the browser, very convenient for users. In addition to the aforementioned advantages, Brave also supports all Chrome extensions, including popular password managers such as LastPass and 1Password. Browse websites but earn money, this is true when you use the Brave browser, in this article I will share with you how to make money with Brave through the Brave Publisher Program, this is an affiliate marketing program. Unique rewards of BAT Token. Brave Software Inc is the company that runs Brave, they have their own cryptocurrency, which is a high rank BAT – Basic Attention Token token on coinmarketcap. Regarding the payment mechanism, there are a few notes below, the Brave browser default is to block ads, but if you disable this default mode, it means viewing ads from Brave Software Inc according to your habit you will get BAT. In addition, if you are a content publisher such as a website / blog or youtobe channel … you can completely register for a Brave account to become a publisher on Brave, or join Brave’s affiliate marketing program. Anyone who watches your content on the Brave browser can then donate the BAT via Brave Rewards to your favorite website or channel. To make money with Brave, you will first download the Brave browser, install to replace the current browser, the speed of Brave is faster than Mozilla’s Chorme, better than Chorme … you surf the website to see ads and also receive money.   Brave-browser-review-2-1.jpg

III. Make money with brave browsers.

Content creators depend on ads to stay active. However, ads are not displayed on the Brave browser. So how does the Brave Browser support online advertisers? The Brave browser takes a unique approch when it comes to “compenstating” for creators. The awards are made through the Brave Ads network and users contributions. Content creators are required to register with the network before earning revenue. Registered content creators earn 70% of atternative ad revenue. Brave comes with an available BAT wallet. This wallet allows users to support their favorite websites. Users can download wallets and allocate a specified amount of BAt to favorite websites. Wallets can be loded via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and BAT tokens. Credit cardholders use the Uphold payment processor. You can set a monthly BAT budget to be automatically distributed to frequently visited websites. You also have the right to set a percentage to be contributes. You will not have to see any ads but still support your favorite websites. Users can earn BAT by browsing Brave enabled sites. If the user agrees to replace the regular ads with anonymous ads form Brave, they will get paid in Basic Attention Token (BAT). User will receive 15% of revenue. Revenue depends on the time spent on Brave browser. However, you must enable Brave ads because the browser blocks all ads by default. Before receiving any payments, you need to activate the BAT token wallet.
For users who do not want to support any website, they will not earn money nor contribute to any favorite websites. But in return browse the website very quickly. Do you know? Making money with Brave is entirely possible with only 3 steps.

1. Step1

– Just download and use the brave browser you can generate income for yourself.
Use a brave browser to help users, content publishers like website owners, Youtobe channels, Twitter channels … earn money.

2. Step2

– Join Brave’s affiliate marketing program to generate revenue, by downloading the Brave browser to your computer or phone, creating a BAT wallet and linking with Sign up for an account with

3. Step3

– Next add to your publishing channel, confirm and share the link. Receive BAT for Uphold, exchange for currencies with equivalent value as BTC, USD ….

IV. Overview of brave browser.

In addition to high security, fast page loading speed, additional features such as privacy mode, HTTPS, built-in Torrent download feature right in the browser, very convenient for users, supporting all Chrome extensions, including popular password managers like LastPass and 1Password. At the end of the brave browser review , hope readers will understand somewhat about the browser blocking this ad, whether or not to use it is entirely dependent on whether this browser is right for you. The End!

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