Starship's Launch and Septembers Private Space Launch

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 31 Mar 2021

Well, early this morning SpaceX decided to give it a go and launch Starship. To say the results were expected would not be accurate. The liftoff occurred without a hitch and new cameras were installed giving watchers an amazing view of the belly flop maneuver it pulls to land. At 2 kilometers though or at 4 minutes and 56 seconds the screen froze. This was when the ship was supposed to fire up its three raptor engines to land. 


The screen never unfroze and I bounced to another live stream and this one showed the area covered in what I thought was fog only to realize it was fog and smoke and chunks of Starship were raining down. When watching the replay it was crazy as the camera that was set up was actually hit by fallen debris. While the cause is currently unknown Elon Musk has been firing off some pretty funny tweets about it so it obviously was not a complete waste of resources! 


In a follow-up tweet a little bit later Elon even announced that he was donating money to Cameron County and the city of Brownsville to help revitalize the downtown area! With Brownsville right along the border and the migrant crisis unfolding, I am sure the city and county are very happy to have gotten additional help! When the freeze occurred SpaceX was extremely helpful to the community and Sea Turtle Inc a nonprofit that rehabilitates sea turtles and monitors nesting activity. Sea Turtle Inc typically takes care of 20-40 turtles at one time and had to take over the convention center once they hit 5,500 turtles! SpaceX trucked over massive generators and helped rewire tanks to get the turtles taken care of! 


SpaceX also announced and live-streamed the complete Inspiration4 crew. This is the first all-private crewed flight that is not contracted with any space agency. The name Inspiration4 comes from the sweepstake initiative that self-made billionaire Jared Isaacman started and each crew member encompasses a virtue. For Jared Isaacman, the commander for the mission, it is leadership. Hayley Arceneaux, a childhood cancer survivor, will be the medical officer and is hope. The last two where decided via contests with Dr. Sian Proctor, a former NASA astronut candidate and now a pilot is, the virtue Prosparity and will be the pilot. The last seat is for the virtue generosity and is going to be filled by Chris Sembroski who's friend actually won the contest but is unable to go and gifted it to him. 


This mission will will actually orbit the earth at 335 miles higher than what the ISS orbits at! Inspiration4 will not dock with the ISS and instead will orbit for a couple of days before splashing back down by Flordia. As of today the exact flight plan has not been decided yet but the expectation is that the capsule will orbit for 2-3 days before returning to earth. 


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