Starship: SpaceX's Future Workhorse

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 10 Dec 2020

I can still remember hearing about SpaceX choosing Texas as its location for its new launch site. SpaceX had previously used Texas for testing and to this day continues to do so in McGregor, Texas. When Boca Chico was chosen I was ecstatic as my grandmother owns a condo in South Padre which is across the bay from the launch site. 


Like many of Elon's projects, this one slipped several times and the purpose of it changed. Initially, it was supposed to be used for launching Falc]on 9 rockets however that obviously is not happening. When they started first building and testing Starship I was a little concerned that they would again just use Texas as a place to test the spacecraft out before moving it elsewhere for launches. When Texas beat out Flordia and California to manufacture Starship I was very excited to see how it would develop. 


Today Spaceship did its hardest test yet and well it went about as good as I would have guessed. This version of Starship, number 8 if anyone was wondering, was the first to have fins on the top and the three raptor engines. The goal was for the ship to fly 12.5 km in the air then perform a midair flip, reignite the engines, and land on the pad right by where Starship lifted off from. 


Starship was able to perform these tasks except for the small detail that the ship came in way too hot, or fast, and impacted the group exploding in a fantastic fashion. Elon was quick to declare it a success and looking over it all that would make a ton of sense. A ton of data was able to be collected with all they accomplished and considering I figured Starship would blow up again on the pad as many previous Starships have. This data will allow the team down in South Texas to continue to revise and polish the plans so that the next launch can be improved upon. Knowing the team down there Spaceship 9 is already almost completed so the turnaround could be rather amazing. With these ships also being made out of stainless steel the price of them is much much less than losing a Falcon 9 so SpaceX can burn through a bunch of them as they figure it all out.


The idea that a spaceship carrying 100 people sounds like science fiction but with Elon wanting it to happen it would be unwise to bet against it. He has the contracts from NASA and the money to be able to do this. I cannot wait to see the next one launch!

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