SpaceX: SN11 Launch Postponed, Freaking out Europe, and Upcoming Launches

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 30 Mar 2021

After standing down last Friday it was expected that SpaceX would attempt to launch Starship again today. However, thanks to the FAA that will no longer be a possibility. The test was the same one that has been attempted two previous times with Starship going up 10 km "flipping" in the air and then landing. With SN10 Starship was able to perform the maneuver and land but it suffered a fuel leak with led to it exploding a few minutes after landing.


Why was this launch canceled you might be wondering? Well, the launch had to be canceled and will instead be attempted tomorrow because the FAA inspector was unable to reach the testing site in time for the launch. I wish I was making this up it is crazy that when the FAA set up the launch times themselves an inspector could not be there on time. I can only assume someone messed up and overslept I mean how else do you manage to fumble just having someone there?!


SpaceX is also starting to make Europe worry about its launch capabilities. Europe has help fund the next-gen rockets Ariane 6 and Vega-C which were supposed to be competitive for future rocket launches however that is becoming less and less likely. The reason behind this quick evaporation in the market is due to Falcon 9's reusability which has allowed SpaceX to slash the cost of launching payloads to space. Even worse for the ESA is SpaceX has now started to launch rideshare payloads in-house. 


With these issues becoming more and more apparent the European Space Agency has become concerned because these two rockets were supposed to start paying for themselves once they began launching but the demand for these rockets has disappeared. What is very interesting is the statements that have come from France and Italy with this..... they have called for Europe to offer significant technological and industrial support however no one is exactly sure what that means. 


The last thing that Europe would want to do is start a political back and forth with both the US and Russia if they try to force their rockets to be used. It would also possibly cost the companies wanting to use them a lot more and even the governments. It will be interesting, to say the least, to see how that plays out! 


Finally, we are getting very close for Crew 2 to take place! SpaceX will be sending a second group of astronauts to the ISS! This group of 4 contains two American or NASA crew members with another from Japan's Space Agency, and finally, the last member is actually from the European Space Agency! With the ESA also using SpaceX to get people to space they really have to be careful to maintain access to space! 

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