Space News: Operational Hotel in Space by 2027?! Elon Musk Incorporating the Boca Chica Village?!?! Starship's Successful Landing Before Detonation!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 5 Mar 2021

Space Hotel

Recently it was announced that there was a company that hoped to start assembling a hotel in space by 2025 with the goal of it being operational by 2027. This ambitious project is being put forth by the Gateway Foundation to be assembled by Orbital Assembly Corporation and wow is this something out of SCFY! As of now, the plan has the station being able to hold 400 visitors at a time. On top of that, it will actually rotate to create artificial gravity roughly equal to that on the moon. This type of technology is not even used in the International Space Station! 




It is also going to be loaded with amenities from movie theaters to bars. The idea is for it to be a high-class hotel with otherworldly views! Previous ideas have not been anywhere near this size or scale and really are not being made to be a hotel at first. They would serve as more of a space lab with only a few crew at a time while this is able to house 400 people before staff is included!



Once again Elon Musk has made headlines with SpaceX but this idea.... its the first time I have seen it from him! The land he operates out of in the Rio Grande Valley is known as Boca Chica Villiage but is in an unincorporated area in Cameron County. While not a lot is known about this idea yet or what all it will entail Cameron County officials have confirmed that SpaceX officials have met with them regarding the matter. Having been from Texas and actually growing up in an unincorporated area that was then annexed by the City of Sugar Land Elon could be trying to dodge possible cities popping up outside his area and then trying to apply their will to his land. When I was growing up the rules and regulations were a lot laxer than they are now. Also, the taxes on the land were a lot less so if he creates his own city and really runs it he can set the taxes to the rate he needs for the city to function and not deal with any extra fluff. 


I have seen the news that the currency of the town would be Doge and while I think this would be pretty funny and great he would have to pay his employees at that SpaceX facility in doge and with the size of SpaceX that seems like a rather difficult thing to try and accomplish. Who knows though Elon could have something up his sleeve that fixes this issue!


Starship.... so close

I watched the first attempt to launch the ship which was aborted by the ship itself at 0.1 seconds after engine ignition because it detected one engine actually had too much thrust. Once the team in Texas determined that the test should go on and they did not think it was a problem they decided to try and launch it again. This time the rocket was successful in both its take-off and the flip or belly flop maneuver that takes place and was able to relight its rockets and softly land. When it landed though it appeared to me that some part of the landing gear did fail as it was not perfectly vertical like I have come to expect from Falcon 9 rockets. 

After a 10-20 seconds SpaceX cut the feed and later we found out the bottom appeared to reignite and launch the ship upward. From the chatter I have heard from Starship followers they believe the most likely cause is a methane leak that ignited blowing up the ship. Until SpaceX announces it though all we have are assumptions like these. Fantastic data should have been collected though and I cannot wait for SN 11!

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