Sea Turtle's Need Our Help!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 17 Feb 2021

As many people know the Southern part of the United States is undergoing weather that has not been seen, in come areas, in recorded history. Today where my parents live outside of Houston it got down to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. Last night my mom made me aware of the issues going on at the Sea Turtle Rescue Organization in South Padre called Sea Turtle Inc. Today I have been following the developments both at home and down on the island. 


Of the 5 permanent residents including the first sea turtle to get a prosthetic (Allyson) 3 have been evacuated or removed from their tanks. Sea Turtle Inc has been without power now for over 30 hours and the island has also lost water due to even the water treatment facility being down. Sadly two turtles remain in their tanks Gerry and Fred. Fred is actually my favorite he is a loggerhead for as long as I can remember Fred has just always been my favorite turtle. Being a loggerhead which is the largest species of sea turtle Fred is a little bit bigger than the rest of the turtles at the facility. They are closely monitoring their tank water temperatures, but without the ability to heat the tanks I am not sure how much longer those two turtles will be able to stay. I also do not know if Gerry and Fred are just so large it is hard to remove them from their tanks. 


As of there most recent update today from about 3:50 Central time they already had over 2,500 cold stunned sea turtle either washed up on shore or found floating in the Bay/Gulf. Luckily most of the time these turtles will be okay they have to be watched over though as they do not function in weather this cold. They become very lethargic and are not able to really defend themselves like they would normally be able to. Due to this Sea Turtle Inc has taken over the convention center on South Padre and it is full of turtles recovering. 




It is still a dangerous time and Sea Turtle Incs resources are now spread paper thin. They are asking for donations to help cover the costs of this massive influx of turtles. If you would like to learn more about the organization here is a link to it! Hopefully the state is able to help them out soon. This is a freak storm and what is really crazy is that the electrical grid handles a hurricane hitting it better than this cold front! The photo above and the thumb nail are both photos from today that show the scope of the issue at hand!

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