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By Cje95 | Texas Living | 15 Sep 2021

At the beginning of my blogging adventure, I wrote about a variety of different things. I am someone who loved learning and so I really enjoyed writing about a ton of different things as I worked to figure out well what my readers wanted to see! It was clear that Harvest Finance was the huge winner and now for the last couple of months, most of my posts have been devoted to news and updates about Harvest. While I loved that I realized how much I missed writing about Space and Technological breakthroughs that could rapidly help change the world! Without further ado here is the most recent big news in Space!



Today is the day that SpaceX really really separates itself from any other rocket company or government has ever done before! At 8:02 pm today SpaceX will be launching the first 100% civilian space crewed flight! An amazing thing that is occurring has started and is the partnership with Netflix that has occurred as Netflix will be showing the flight and has already released some footage of the training of these astronauts. While in space these people will conduct science experiments but will not dock with the International Space Station or ISS. 


SpaceX has also launched a ton of Starlink satellites and has continued to grow the Starlink system. Last week they even launched the first batch from the West Coast, all previous launches have been from the East Coast to put those satellites in an entirely different orbit to expand coverage. It is quite impressive to see the continued development and roll-out of this system. 


Virgin Galatic Grounded

After saying that his trip to space went without a glitch it turns out Sir Richard Branson did have a little bit of a rougher ride then was let on. Not only did the yellow warning light indicator flash on but it turns out the red warning flight also flashed on which means that the ship is on the verge of breaking up. The FAA has sense grounded their vehicles while they investigate what occurred. Unity 23 the next flight that was supposed to carry members of the Italian military has been delayed till mid-late October at the earliest. This timeline though may not be doable due to continued FAA grounding. 


Steve Wozniak 

Famed Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced just yesterday the creation of a new space company and one that is currently really really needed. Privateer purpose is to clean up the Earth atmosphere of space junk. Space junk has been a growing concern as it does not have to be large to cause immense damage. Pieces of debris that can be smaller than an inch could possibly destroy a rocket or space vehicle during its ascent or descent from orbit. This is a growing concern with each launch as more junk is added. 


While there is not a ton known about how they plan to go about doing this this is a huge and vital endevor going forward. I am sure that governments will be very interested in the product that the bring to market and it will be interesting to see who if anyone they partner with. Currently there are not really any options to go about cleaning up the debris so until it slowly decent further into the atmosphere and burns up it just continues to travel around in space. 

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