Blue Origin Beating SpaceX?!? Yes it Might Just Happen!

By Cje95 | Texas Living | 19 Jan 2021

Over the last few days new broke that Blue Origin the space company founded by Jeff Bezos was planning to launch customers to the edge of space by April! For a company that only recently began testing again due first having a software issue and then dealing with the COVID pandemic it is an ambisious timeline fore sure! I have to wonder if Bezos was sick and tired of hearing about SpaceX and all that they have accompished in the last year!


On of my favorite things about Blue Origin is that they have done all of their rocket launches thus far from Corn Ranch, the land they own in West Texas. They even have all the permints they need to launch customers from this location to! This test the successfully ran a couple of days ago was the first of two stable confirguration tests. Stable configureation tests are done when there is not much left to change in the space craft so it is really the "final design". With one in the books they now plan on only doing one more before launching the first people.


The next test will have crew loaded on to the craft and then unloaded they will not be in it when it takes flight. What I find interesting about Blue Origins New Sheppard is that the capsle is actually going to land on the ground like the Russian Soyuz. It will deploy parachuts and also briefly fire its engines before it lands in the desert. I am very used to the idea of water landings for capsules but Blue Origin opted for this instead. The second test is currently supposed to take place within the next 6 weeks thus putting the early April crewed launch on track. 


If Bezos can pull this off he will beat not only Elon Musk in ordinary citizen travel to space but they will also have beaten Virgin Galatic. I would expect tomorrow when the stock market opens invester of Virgin Galatic will be very disapointed. While Virgin Galatic did get some good press with Virgin Orbit sucessfully launching a satelight into orbit Virgin Orbit was spun out and is a seperate privately owned company unlike publically traded Virgin Galatic. This will really be the first test of people getting to go to space and I would asume Blue Origin is really going to get to reap the rewards for winning the race.


It is safe to say that when SpaceX won the contracts over other companies like Blue Origin, SpaceX did focus on its money makers in launching supplies and now astronuats for NASA. Blue Origin just pivoted to the next lucritive market, accessible space travel. From here Blue Origin will get its huge somes of money to further develop its other goals like lunar landers and further space travel!

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