Ominous Signs for Saturday

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 17 Sep 2021

For over a month know I have known about the event that is supposed to transpire this Saturday outside the Capital Building in DC. The information and intel we have recieved on the hill itself has been pretty confusing I have to say. We hear and see one thing but then get told something else entirely. One thing though isn’t going to change and that’s that the Justice for J6 rally is in two days. 

Last night they reinstalled the security fencing around the Capitol Building as the have only recently finished up all of the repairs. I knew that they would do this as a precaution due to the Jan 6 failure. The notices have also gone out advising staff to steer clear of the complex Saturday as well.


Something that seems to be ever evolving is the number of people expected to attend. It went from dozens to thousands and now back down to 700. Still though the Capitol Hill Police are taking no chances as all officers are on duty Saturday. Further the police have already asked for the National Guard to be on standby in case they are needed. 

What is the Justice for J6 rally you must be wondering? Well in the eyes of these far-right individuals all of those who have been arrested and are in jail due to the insurrection are political prisoners who did nothing wrong. Some groups have also been calling for the police officer who shot and killed one of the insurrectionists to be charged with murder.


Today, to add fuel to this fire, Former President Trump have his support to the protestors on Saturday. While the organizers have asked those attending to not have any pro or con Trump or Biden shirts or signs I worry this won’t be followed. As a nation that needs to heal this is something that just is not productive. Personally I worry about this kickstarting issues within DC and across the country.


From what I know no members of Congress will be attending this protest and I hope it stays that way. Crimes were committed and they have consequences. The nation needs to heal now and I hope this will be the end of protesting at the Capitol Building for a while now.  

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Texas Boy in a DC World
Texas Boy in a DC World

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