Northeast US Hammered by Winter Storm: Worse than Meterologists Anticipated

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 1 Feb 2021

It was just suppose to be a weekend trip my roommate said..... well now I will be missing my first day of work on Monday because we cannot get back home!


My roommate decided to surprise myself and the congressman’s daughter we are friends with with a trip from DC to NYC! Naturally it was easy for both of us to say yes as the snow in NYC was supposed to be tops 8 inches and in DC the average was 4.5 inches. Well once we left New York City and began to head to Dc we realized how much worse it was than the meteorologists thought it would be!


We left NYC at 4 and by 7 had only made it to 20 minutes outside Philadelphia! To put that in perspective NYC to DC is a 3 and a half hour trip! In 3 hours we had only shaved off roughly 80 miles of our 240 mile trip! Due to the road conditions getting bad and roads shutting down we got a hotel room in Phillys suberbs. We the. Got permission to be late/miss work tomorrow (Monday) because this storm is so much worse than they though!


When it was decided we were to go Monday was going to have rain. Now we are stuck in a possible 36 hour lockdown due to the roads being shut down! I am from Texas we never have this happen except for flooding and hurricanes! The poor Congressman’s daughter brought even fewer clothes than me! Today, the first day of our trip, I had already given her one of my jackets, gloves, socks, and even almost my other jacket! This girl was oblivious to how the north worked!


HECK SHE LOST ONE OF MY GLOVES AND I ONLY HAD THAT ONE PAIR! I now have no more socks, one more pair of underwear, a single  t-shirt and well reusing other clothing as need be! This was not part of the plan and I’m a little upset Jenna lost one of my gloves...... I only had a single pair with me!!!! This pair had made it though 2 brain surgeries! Who would have thought she would have just lost them on the street?!?!  Not me! 

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Graduated from Texas A&M in May of 2020 had dabbled in crypto since 2017 but dove in at the end of 2019. December of 2020 packed up and moved to D.C.! Huge sports fan, space nerd, and international newsreader! Follow me on Twitter @Cje95_

Texas Boy in a DC World
Texas Boy in a DC World

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