Military Build Up in DC

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 13 Jan 2021

Oh, boy does each day seem to bring a new twist to things in Washington DC. Last night the FBI memo went out and going grocery shopping was like shopping before a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast. I was shocked really at how people had reacted to this announcement as I was not surprised to hear there were going to be more protests I mean??? Plus with the announcement of 15,000 National Guard troops being in the district by Saturday it would be hard to see another January 6th occur again. 


Developments about those 15,000 troops though were really interesting. Up until recently, they have been completely unarmed and that is now changing. Ironically enough they are only carrying sidearms while the Capitol Hill Police force carries the assault rifles. At least to me, that was a super surprising plot twist. They have also decided to surround the House of Representatives Offices with the unscalable 10-12 foot fences. I was very surprised that this was not already done as it really seemed like a no-brainer to me. While the fencing is not up yet in all places they have installed it along Independence which runs directly between the offices and the Capitol Building itself. 


When you are in the area of the Capital "Complex" (the few blocks that encompass the Supreme Court is, the House and Senate Offices, Library of Congress, etc,.) along the fences that have been completed are a ton of what I thought were National Guardsman. They are stationed approximately every 50 feet and group in pairs of two. At entrances for the buildings naturally, there are many more of them. Only through my roommate did I learn that these were not National Guardsmen..... or at least not all of them. They are in the basic Army camo however the patches are all but removed. From what I was able to see this afternoon walking through the complex they have a breastplate place for their last name and on their shoulder another area of velcro to stick the branch insignia. My roommate told me literally every branch of the military is here even the coast guard is in these uniforms. With the top military officers denouncing the riots today and backing the transition of power to Biden I was even more surprised. 


I researched into the workings of Martial Law to see if there was any way that Trump could use it to prevent the transition but contrary to what I thought he would not be able to in this situation. Of the military branches, only the Coast Guard and Space Force could be called in without Congress or state requests. If he tried to pull a Martial Law move he would not be able to and the military could/would disregard the command. I guess he could, in theory, try to pit the Coast Guard and Space Force against the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines but even that is too farfetched. 


Overall this is a little concerning but also makes you feel safe.... its really a mixture of the two. Since I pick up my roommate from work each day I talked to the people about Independence being closed and they were super accommodating and nice about what was going on. I can only hope that this will deter any issues that might arise. I know all 50 State Capitol's are all under advisory and I hope they too stay safe for their citizens. 

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Texas Boy in a DC World
Texas Boy in a DC World

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