Capitol Hill the Newest Military Base

By Cje95 | Texas Boy in a DC World | 14 Jan 2021

When the FBI memo about more protests after what had happened on January 6th first came to publish light the National Guard quickly made their presence known. Initially, it was just the unclimbable fence around the Capitol Building and beefed up security at the Congressional Office Buildings. After witnessing the riots first hand this made a ton of sense as people like my roommate who just work in the buildings were prime targets even though they were just doing a job and do not have any political might. 


The last two days though has led to crazy developments though. Yesterday they shut down the one street between the Office Buildings and the Capitol and while it was a major inconvenience as the protests were not even supposed to start till the 17th. Today though it was like I woke up in a military installation. Not only were the Capitol Hill Police and National Guard out but they were HEAVILY armed with both the police and Guard carrying assault rifles.


This alone was not the only change. The parameter was pushed out several blocks in all directions and the fencing was in some areas layered from what I could see when walking around. When I went on my walk a few hours after dropping off my roommate I was stunned to see an armored personal carrier and a regular personal carrier blocking one of the main roads to the Capitol. By the time I finished up my 2-mile walk, I saw they were getting ready to move the fencing back further yet again. 18 wheelers loaded with concrete barriers were idling as you could see Congressional members and their staff exiting the building than before the push-off was begun.


I also found out that there were going to putting barbed wire on top of the outermost fence as an added deterrent to anyone wanting to cause any issues. I am very happy to know that I will be out of the DC area this weekend and off in Virginia which will be far enough away in case anything goes wrong. It would not surprise me if sooner rather than later they install a curfew for the city.


Bomb-sniffing dogs were also out in force today making me ponder if there have been more bomb threats. It was only an hour or so ago I saw that Capitol Hill Police had found out or been notified that 4,000 armed insurrectionists were planning on surrounding the Capitol. This explained the rapid expansion of the parameter but it was shocking that this information was not dispersed to the people within the district. 


This whole move to DC is rapidly becoming more and more of a crappy horror film. I never in a million years could have predicted what I saw and then what I have been told and heard. It is so surreal to wake up every day and see more and more military more and more police. With the state of everything as it is I cannot even imagine what the next 4 days' build-up will be. I hope everyone reading this is staying safe and at home away from all of the craziness that is going on in the world. 

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Texas Boy in a DC World
Texas Boy in a DC World

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