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Hey, great news to Split Second fans!! I found part two of this cool racing game. Blur! that's the name of Split Second competitor. Of course, is a different game and not actually part two of anything. This is a brand new racing game, but just very similar to the Split Second video game. The interesting thing both games are realized even in the same year of 2010. Maybe it vas some competition of those companies who made those games.

So which game is better? I think it depends on your taste. Both games have similarities and differences. Here the principle is simple you got some wrecking power by driving on market points and gaining some firing over to wreck your opponents so you be in first please by any means necessary.

The game is easy to play and very god-locking, with lots of crazy action too. Great menu music and locks. Menu little bit reminds on Need For Speed Carbon. The great thing is in this game you can actually racing with real-world cars, from Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan. And you get points from finishing the race in a higher place. By that way unlocking new tracks and cool cars

Sharing my action racing with Dodge Challenger.

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Hi, as You can see I really like cars, I like to play various racing games and doing a little review of them. Variety I think that is better so You are not too bored about one racing game. Lets be fast and furious here.

Hi Publish0x from Ronis Racing
Hi Publish0x from Ronis Racing

Hi guys! This is my first post on this site, so please be nice if I do something wrong. I want to share my experience with my played racing games. I'll do a little review on the game, graphics, and my overall experience with that game.

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