S01P02: How looks like my Home in Terraria? The Room Tour

By Pawel23 | TerrariaDiary | 30 Jan 2023

We published the first post from the Terraria game and present to you my first development in the Game. One Topic was missing... you do not know how looks like my whole home in Terraria. In this article, I will show you what it looks like. It will be easier to track further development.

This word is still in "pre-Hardmode". For each word in Terraria, we have two modes:

  • Pre-hard mode
  • Hardmode

You are moved from one to second after defeating the boss: "Wall of Flesh". Moving to "hard mode" will activate new things and make the game more difficult. If you are new in Terraria. This level of understanding should be enough for you. 

Why it is important now to have a basic understanding of this concept? In Terraria you have your character, which can log in/jump to different worlds. As I wrote in the first episode. I fight all bosses, but in Multiplayer on different maps/worlds. Here on this map, which I will present to you in this episode. We are still in "pre-hard mode" and in future episodes, you will see also, my preparation for Hard mode with experience already taken from other maps. 

Ok, let's begin

The Terraria Room Tour

NPC (Non-player charackters) Homes:


Fishing Room

On the left you can see, where was located things, which we moved in the last episode to the new room:


Living Room:


My sleeping room:


Zoom in to the biggest part of the living room:


One more shot to NPC rooms/homes. On the right, you can see a lava trap. It was working, but I am not 100% satisfied with it for many reasons. In the future, I have the plan to redesign it, but no concept yet. (This part idea is still when I writing this text not started)


Here is one of the most important rooms. Here I have all my crafting stations, all gathered or farmed items:

In Terraria very important part is crafting and farming items. "Production" systems I will show as well in future episodes.



And... please do not forget, what we build in the last episode!



Thank you for reading and watching my second post in Terraria Series! Based on my experience and what you will see. Your first base and home in Terraria will be sure not perfect the first time. I hope from my experience you can build and inspire you to build the best home possible.

If you are not playing Terraria, I hope you have a little bit of fun reading during drinking Coffee and have some fun tracking my adventures and progress in-game.

*S01P02 ) - means Season 1 and Post 2. I will be publishing less/more of this as Seasons. As usual, we have some time more free time, then we have more time to play a game and prepare materials, and less free time, then we have a break. That is why a natural consequence is to follow the TV-Series approach and make it "Seasons". I hope you like it!

If you are interested in more, please follow my profile for getting updates.


Own, a screen created from my game edited with Canva Tool.


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