S01P01: Terraria series introduction and first development.

By Pawel23 | TerrariaDiary | 27 Jan 2023

Welcome to our series on the popular sandbox game, Terraria. We have already defeated all the bosses and now our focus is on mastering our skills and building the most developed world possible. Join us as we explore new ways to improve our gameplay, share tips and tricks for advanced building and decoration, and showcase the most impressive structures we create. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, we hope you will find our articles informative and entertaining.

Let's continue our journey together!

In our free time, we play Terraria Games. The first time we played it was in the 2020 year. Last time we speed up our game progress and fight our last boss. The game is over. We can focus on something else. We will be developing our worlds. Our free time game dream is to build a “Big World” with as many as possible developed buildings.



As we fight with every boss, we have our “characters” developed as much as possible. In this series, we will less focus on developing it too much. (Maybe if it will be needed we will describe the past approach) We finished the game playing in two persons.


We are working on:

- Our worlds

- Common World hosted by one of us.

- Sometimes on a different map.


Our dream is to create our instance somewhere online where we can both connect at any time on the biggest map.


Personal Room Development – Two new rooms.


Today I bring to you the first documented development in my world. We will extend it by creating a separate room (or place) for Clothes. Separate for Swords (and similar) and in between for working tools.


Here we can see the view at the beginning of our job. We will use this place for creating a place for Clothes. The grass above will be aligned.


This is a map of my main home during the building's first room. All the rooms I will explain in one of the future articles.


The first room is ready prepared:


Now, we are moved to the building's second room:


how big it will be:

(on the left room, which will be dedicated to all boxes)


A place for room 2 is also ready:


Map after preparation:


The first room will be furnished with:




Second room with:

(Above the line is in the second room. The second line will be between room 1 and room 2)


Both places already exist. (These are real screens from my world.) I will create bigger rooms or dedicated places.

Now is the time to move elements to new rooms from the former location:


we are during the move to a new location:



And final effect. I also made the electronic connection and we can on/off lights in the room:







*S01P01 ) - means Season 1 and Post 1. I will be publishing less/more of this as Seasons. As usual, we have some time more free time, then we have more time to play a game and prepare materials, and less free time, then we have a break. That is why as natural consequence is to follow the TV-Series approach and make it "Seasons". I hope you like it!

If you are interested in more, please follow my profile for getting updates.


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