Tellor Developer Call January 23rd 2023 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 26 Jan 2023


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Disputable Value Monito, Kadena Grant, Mimicry and Zodiac module, ETH/BTC price feed, Euler RFC, Questions 


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Nick: Hey everyone, welcome to other Dev call January 23rd it's Mike's hand waving in here life's over there Mike's over there yeah super fun week seems to be a lot going on so we'll just kind of keep it short let's do some do some Dev stuff this week Akrem how are you doing? 

Akrem: I'm good was looking at the DVM to see how to add things it seems like there's a simple command to add a new address to be watching the events so I'm just working with that playing with it a little bit and Telliot issues I think we went through a lot I went through some bugs last week Owen reviewed it and merged it I think there's only one bug left and the rest is like enhancements and stuff so look at that and I think that's yeah that's it that's what I'll be working. 

Nick: Nice and happy to report we got phase one of the Kadena Grant so we moved forward and doing some fun stuff there so. 

Mike: Yeah I had a marketing meeting with him too so we have a plan in place for that. 

Nick: Sweet yeah Owen. 

Owen: Yeah some bugs fixed last week a lot of docs changes and then I just put out those changes in a new release this morning so the last thing is just doing a Docker image release it's weird last week I pushed the docker image that is supposed to be built for both Linux like mac and windows or whatever but when we did the well when I checked it like before our call to test the docker one it wasn't like getting the right image image for Ubuntu so I just had to like push that one only anyway so that's something to figure out but. 

Nick: All right let us know when you want to test it out again for sure I can do that so Ryan? 

Ryan: Hey still just doing some dry runs for the fun to feed I don't know if you saw but kind of rework the flow so just want to get that right and then get a try to get a rough draft out today yeah that's what I'm focusing on so people will still walk through video for this Tellor School yeah. 

Nick: No and then you and Mike sit down and switch all the graph instances. 

Ryan: Yes do it yes well we don't need Mike if we're using the decentralized Network. 

Nick: Okay well either way make make sure there's no Ryanhar Yeah well yeah we have handle zoning all the hard crap instances so switch them over to the Tellor one let me know if you need me because I yeah yeah just let me know yep cool Tim. 

Tim: Yeah so Tally and I spent some time last week trying to get the typescript mimicry implementation working on my machine we finally did and then I couldn't actually run the tell yet version so then we tried let's see the Telliot version wasn't working when I was trying to do the API calls which is weird because it's the same API calls in the typescript version which was working so anyways so then we tried to make some fake data to use instead and then I wasn't able to read in the fake data in typescript so now I actually got an API key for that API so now that's my next plan of attack to try calling the API with an actual key instead of the free demo version so yeah. I'm trying to get it running side by side to figure out where that mismatch is but there's a problem with even just getting it to run in the first place but on yeah. 

Nick: Good luck with that yeah that's a. 

Tim: Bit of a trudge yeah. 

Nick: And then the Zodiac stuff is that that's like done or? 

Tim: Yeah I mean so it works with the CLI to deploy a module so I mean we can get someone up up and running live right now PR to their actual thing? 

Tim: Well I made a PR to our module repo which changed the CLI to get that working but as far as the front end we haven't sorted that out if you want to deploy through the front end okay we we should definitely figure that out yeah reach out to tally figure out which one you guys wants to go do some react code. 

Nick: I think okay I'm going to work through the actual front end and we're in a chat with those gnosis guys so if you want if you want us to add you let us know okay okay we'll do Spuddy? 

Spuddy: I've been doing some business dubbing and I'm going to be adding a new price feed to tell you because Badger DAO reached out and they want each BTC nice and then which Biz Dev wants so Euler they that's how you pronounce it it's Euler wow e-u-l-e-r don't they lock people out of their website if you don't pronounce it right. 

Nick: So I had them on the Deep dive that's the only reason I know okay apparently it's from the mathematician so apparently he's a mathematician named but yes so they asked us I'm working with them they're trying to do like a standard they're trying to rework their contracts to do a standard Oracle interface can help them with that but then in the meantime they asked us to do a request comment on this is Tellor you guys could potentially use Tellor like in their like forums that way going through so who wants to we will introduce Tellor to their community okay somebody do it but yes well because I mean I figured we've done those things before so we have so that's good news yeah so they're super cool too they have we just get they're slower moving as far as you know they're up on one chain and they're getting it really right and adding price feeds and then and then they're going to and they're going to break away but they're starting to get some more Buzz too so which is it's exciting but no I really liked having him on the Deep dive through all right. Yeah that's about it Ryan do we have any questions today? 

Ryan: Didn't get any questions on the form but we did get one from one of the builders in the integration help Channel that I thought might be useful for the community in terms of he's basically not too sure about how to define when a price should be disputed what are the common practices for this? 

Nick: There are no common practices it's a sort of an ad hoc thing I mean this is always the you know if beneath price is let's say it's one thousand dollars if you report 500 it's clearly wrong everybody would dispute it and clearly wrong. If you report one thousand and three dollars is it wrong maybe probably not though there's you know just given the way apis work you know apis are the trading based on an exchange you know you can easily blip the price you know up three or four dollars so like it's very likely that on some exchange it was a thousand and three dollars. If however you know if you want to specify something greater you can create a different price feed than like just the base eth US dollar one you could say like I want the median of Coinbase Binance and Kraken and then and then it would be more direct as far as what it is and then even from there though you know what we would probably recommend people doing is you know we actually had this problem with like AmpleForth like we would be a lot of times ours were like we were like a little bit lower for instance than AmpleForths it was just like the way that we had the implementation written and their team said like hey you guys are a little bit low we figured out in the code what was wrong and then we told all of our reporters hey guys we're a little bit low let's upgrade and you know this is this is the correct way to pull it and then we all just changed it and fixed it so it was like very there were no disputes we just sort of you know nobody was trying to be malicious it was just like we were pulling a different API than the Apple four team and doing the methodology a little different so yeah take that for what it is or let's get some let's get some hot contested disputes going it'll be good. Yep all right anything else? 

Spuddy: Since last Dev call we have like two or three new guides for how to use Telliot and stuff like that. 

Nick: Oh yeah so they're great anybody that's watching this call might be interested to check those out, Spuddy writings that's good yeah all right well thanks everyone we shall talk to you guys next week. 

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