Tellor Developer Call January 17th 2023 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 24 Jan 2023


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Summary deep dive, dev updates, questions, twitter contest. 


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Nick: Hey everyone welcome to Tellor Dev call January 17th yeah fun stuff lots of cool things going on. I guess I will be posting a new deep dive today I'm in the process of uploading it right now so you guys have to show that I did with So it's a privacy solution on Ethereum. It'll be super cool. Another thing I'm going to be hopefully this week doing the oiler request for comments so I'm helping them work on that I had another call with them they're working on creating like a standard interface for their oracle. You know so you can plug and play oracles and we've had sort of extensive work done on that as well talking with other oracles so it's something that we're kind of the experts at so we're happy to help them with that. So but yeah I'll just kind of talk with you guys about what you're working on Owen how's things? 

Owen: Going well yeah some docs things to finish up but possibly look at Parity stuff that needs to be done it'll be cool. 

Nick: Yeah so I think we'll probably be kicking it off actually developing on it next week but you if you want to do some Owen's going to be our Parity guy it looks like we're going to help Parity build their Oracle solution out so he's going to be our I I he'll have he may have to learn some Rust so we'll see we actually don't know the full scope of the work it could just be depending on what they do versus we do we might just be editing our solidity contracts which would be probably take you a day. So hopefully it's easy though hopefully you know we never most almost every time we ever go somewhere that's a non-evm chain it's always a ridiculous amount of work so hopefully this is different for sure cool Tim? 

Tim: Yeah so I'm working on some forking tests okay and then and then also just some reviewing of the latest Diva updates. 

Nick: Oh yeah I cancelled those meetings if you saw the messages so no meeting today right cool. 

Tim: So it sounds like that should be the last updates for us until they're audited. 

Nick: Yeah and we'll see and did you ever go over zodiac stuff with Tally all right. 

Tim: Yeah we've been in contact I think both of us it seems haven't quite figured out what's going on in it I guess maybe we should reach out to Quentin with little guidance. 
Nick: I have a call with the team that needs that tomorrow morning so I'll be got it okay definitely get it squared away so okay all right Akrem? 

Akrem: I'm trying to build out the Kadena reporter to be used in tell you I don't know if it should be a part of it going through all that or maybe a separate repo or a fork I'll tell you it feeds because it's most of this stuff until it features is incorporated with like web3 pies depending on web3. pi and chained accounts and Kadena is not compatible with that stuff so I could do it like in a hacky way or do it a separate repo trying to figure that out. Or maybe I don't even know if we should spend time on it. 

Nick: Yeah I mean you should just be able to at some point upload a private key right you could just have it as part of the config.  

Akrem: Yeah it's possible yeah I mean there's and then rescripts inside the the files that would could decode the private key to the public key versus the zero-x that yeah just just some of them that's one thing yeah. 

Nick: Yeah try not to rewrite too much or tell it for Cadena. 

Akrem: Yeah I won't touch any of Telly that would just do it in a hacky way in a script. 

Nick: Kind of perfect love it all right Ryan? 

Ryan: Still stuck on the data feed a couple issues there but once that's done I want to I could ever film the fun to feed tutorial video I want to get that out and then I think we're going to work on we're going to do a workshop on the One Stop dock. I don't know what that's going to be today but I want to get that ready for the Denver so that thing is updated. 

Nick: Cool that's super good I guess yeah no that that's exciting okay and then yeah Tally? 

Tally: Hey I did some well I talked with Tim first and I did some research of my own on the Snapchat module it works but the front end is outdated or the front end stop being compatible with the contract. 

Nick: So the contracts as the contracts do work. 

Tally: The contracts work and they actually do work with our version of Tellor okay perfect but the front end is missing a Constructor argument and so you can't deploy through the front end although there's a hacky way you can do it with the front end but that's hard harder to explain right now. 

Nick: Go make a PR Tally. 

Tally: I went and looked but they're this repo on their front end is now public on GitHub although I did make a post on ethereStock Exchange because that's what they ask people to do it's not. 

Nick: Do you mean it's not public. 

Tally: Is this snapshot or this is a zodiac right it's no it's gnosis right stenosis GitHub and search Tellor and nothing came up I think Zodiac's made by gnosis Dao which is separate from yeah so we have. 

Nick: I think do we have a chat Mike yeah we have a snapshot chat I'll add you Tally okay thanks yeah Ryan's in it so okay yeah there's some no assistance not to have people there so cool but I know it should be open source because like I know for a fact we had Quentin has made whole requests so yeah tell him to send you where he where he did it because it was I know I've reviewed quite a few on the front end so it's not all that difficult it's a simple react app so. 

Tally: The other thing is that well that's the majority of what I'm going to do today the other thing was more planned for this week which is to spin up the DVM to watch the Oracle address if you guys think that's a good idea. 

Nick: Yeah that would be a great idea yes and then Spuddy? 

Spuddy: Yeah I'm going to be publishing two blog posts hopefully today one on how to install Telly it and it's kind of like a noob friendly guide to installing telliot you and then another one that's going to be running Telliot it like suggested configurations for different things that people might want to do with the client that's it. 

Nick: Perfect Mike anything? 

Mike: Yeah I mean I got to schedule what we're planning to do with the gnosis builders Community follow up with them on the meetings we had last week because we're trying to do an AMA Twitter space sometime either this week or early next week so I want to get that scheduled and that way they can start advertising that to their community. And now that we've done the bulk of the changes with the docs I'm going to go through the website and do an initial review of changes to make to the website and then they'll probably schedule something with you Ryan and Spuddy maybe to go through it together and just do a sweep through and make sure I'm sure there's a couple links that are broken and wording that we want to change based off of things that we've done in the docs over the last couple weeks so. And cool and yeah I should be getting a Brenda I'll probably send you over when I get a quote about branding and we can sort of decide what we want to do in terms of not branding but from The Anthem branding company about Swag for ETHDenver to sort of get that decided on and and Brenda you and I need to book some flights. 

Brenda: Well yes we do and for me guys now that we've we're done basically with the first round of the work groups I want to make sure that between now and I want to give it maybe next Monday you guys can finish up all the deliverables that we have on those for those work groups they're all listed on each of their of their Word document where we kept everything or their Google doc so Spuddy I know those videos or are those mediarticles are part of that so I want to make sure that every deliverable has like a thing that says we didn't and maybe a link to it so that way we can like sort of keep track of it and then. So next week we'll do like a very like I'm thinking it's going to be a mini meeting to sort of sunset for the month where we just go through all the deliverables make sure that they got done and then think about whatever we want to make sure that we get done the next month. So between now and then finish your homework guys and then we'll make sure that we close those up next week next week. Oh and we I will schedule something this week to test the docker installation because that's the last thing that we didn't test and so yeah it'll be like maybe Wednesday or Thursday and the next week we wrap up thanks guys. 

Nick: Cool Ryan any questions? 

Ryan: Not in the any traditional channels but I did see that that discussion in the developer channel. Thought might be interesting if you want to go over that yeah we can answer one what was it so he asked mario.eth asked is there a way to refer to can submit value for a specific unique feed for example the use case I'm looking at is only certain walls of submit values some sort of validators if we can say as I don't want anyone to submit values for my feed what's his first question. 

Nick: Yep yeah so this was you could definitely do this so like we've we even have plans to like sort of build out a framework for supporting this and in that for instance as an example like if you have an app and you want people to stake your own token so you want an additional staking requirement you could say like okay you have to stake you know 500 000 worth of our token in our smart contract and then you have a white listed set of validators what you would do is basically you would get the data before so like do using Tellor in the normal way and then you would check to see who the reporter is and you would require that the reporter is also in your subset if he's not get the previous value and just keep doing that until you get a reporter who's valid and you would obviously have to just basically be paying probably through your own contract to the people who are staked there and incentivize them to report. And yeah it would be a super cool way to sort of add Tellor on top of whatever your system you're doing. 

Owen: Is it another way you can just make a query to type and just have your white list and it's just like if anyone else reports this value then dispute it? 

Spuddy: That seems like a way to do that a lot of reporters into getting disputed. 

Nick: Yeah then yeah I feel like I mean you could but you wouldn't though another reason you wouldn't want to do that is like if for whatever like let's say you did it with one address and then or some subset of addresses and the people wanted to change their addresses in some way like you couldn't change that query ID so you're like sort of stuck like with it whereas if it was like a staking requirement in a contract they could sort of pull out or transfer their ownership you would assume some way to do that. But yeah I guess theoretically you could make a query ID that says only Owen can submit for it everybody else gets disputed. But I don't know like I feel like we would have that's actually an interesting attack surface like you could do that as far as like if you wanted to come after Tellor like go after people's tip listeners see if they're validating it because you could like say like only my reporter address is valid and then just give it a crazy high tip and then and then hopefully somebody else submits for it and you could dispute them and take their stake. Of course you would be paying two percent to the Tellor contract to do that you know through the tip so a little dissentive I don't know it'll be an interesting game somebody should go for it. Brenda is like no please don't all right that sounds good guys so anything else over here? 

Ryan: You did follow up and ask can a feed be updated multiple times in consecutive blocks I'm thinking of a Dos scenario. 

Nick: Yeah I mean this would be like if you wanted to just prevent any of those guys from submitting you know any of your whitelists to people you could just submit every block on Tellor the theoretically it could I mean that could happen in normal Tellor you could just submit all the time. But like yeah in that scenario like basically if you're willing to submit with a say a 50 gas price the person dossing you would need to do a 50 gas price every block going forward so like you know you could just up it to 100 gas price and to Doss you he would have to do a hundred bucks per block in gas every single block going forward. 

Spuddy: A million dollars worth of trb staked also. 

Nick: Yeah it would be you'd need such a crazy high stake so and I mean so like theoretically you could dos it for a few blocks in a few seconds but you shouldn't be reading values that are five seconds old anyway so I'm not too worried about it cool. 

Owen: Another thing we're doing that at fun competition on the 28th the Twitter contest. Oh yes that would be super cool we'll post it in the link we'll Post in the Tweet or Dev call chat so I'm going to put in like I don't know 200 250 bucks it's basically like if you don't read during like 30 days and you get your stake gets given to other people is like the main prize or what no it's like so everyone stakes in the beginning right and then if you break your tweeting streak then like your funds are going to everyone else who maintains theirs. 

Brenda: Is there a minimum that people have to stake? 

Tim: Yeah it's a fixed amount same amount for everyone. 

Brenda: So it's 250 for everybody? 

Owen: Well it's like whatever it can be anything they haven't decided yet exactly this 250 sound like too much he's asking right there foreign okay cool good to vote you guys well Nick: Thanks guys hold on one. 

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