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By Tamsay | Tellor | 11 Dec 2022


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Nick: Alright, recording now so I'll repeat what I just said I had a call with Parity this morning so about going over to polka dot that's sounding really promising yeah so hopefully we get more on that might have to post like in their forums and stuff to get a grant or to get some support over there but that that would be super cool and then yeah not a whole lot going on this week I'm going to work on cleaning up some things Ryan and or I guess I can just do that on your turn. Tim I saw you made a using Tellor pull request or draft or what's that about? 

Tim: Yeah well so when Vlad asks me well Vlad found a book in they're like Yeah The Bridge contract the middle contract in our implementation this is well yeah information latch bug I was going to use get data after and I realized there was a bug in that when it comes to disputes there was a slight bug yeah I didn't get data after or get I guess get index for data after so yeah I found a bug yeah that had to do with disputes so then I like yeah I fixed that and like tested for people watching I don't think anyone's actually using that we had implemented that with 360. yeah it's brand new it's a brand new thing so and it's easy to fix so yeah cool yeah what else are you working on so I'm working on the using Tellor packed implementation yeah and based on our meeting with I forget the guy's name but with the gentleman who knows pact last week it looks like they don't have inheritance so I guess the design for that should be just people can copy paste yeah by using tell yeah it's just like a using Tellor code snippet it'll almost have to be like a series of Snippets because like if you're not using some of it you don't need to cut and paste the whole thing so yeah and also it looks like four if you want to interact with a packed contract from another pack contract you have to have that whole other contract in your code base like really yeah that's what it seems maybe a Crim knows better than me but like it seems like there's no introduces there are interfaces but those are only for like inheriting like you can only inherit the interface and implement it I feel like they couldn't yeah you can import by the way like I don't think you have to have the code in your room the whole code base so I think you can import from whatever namespace the contract lifts in instead of having the whole time it's still importing the whole code base though right I mean they wouldn't be like you can import like certain functions without having to import the hold okay yeah like you can work the name of the module and then like in Brackets just the function anyway we'll figure it out yeah also names namespace are we supposed to submit something so that we get our own or yeah I for example we agreed on we said to reach out to Biz Dev on their I guess business either on telegram or Discord not sure where they live exactly okay yeah knock that out but all right cool thanks Tim tally hey this morning I'm working on the testing of mimicry implementation I know we'll be working on that a lot today so I'm buttoning it up this morning and I was before that working on the distributable values monitor setting up the ability to monitor just one feed yeah it's almost done I think you had that GitHub data specs issue too that was yeah I did that yeah yeah it's done right yeah it's all done I don't know if you want to talk the biz devs through it at some point maybe you can set up a call with them yeah but there's yeah do you want to briefly explain it Tellor oh yeah sure I made an issue template for data specs so instead of like people having to copy and paste the form and then from the template well before there was a form you'd have a template and then it would have like sections saying like fill in this part here fill in this part here and so on but rather where I turned it into a form using GitHub issue templates. 

Nick: Yeah so if Mike and Ryan you guys want to go look at the data specs repo and see how that looks and then also just totally and then how we talk about it in the docs too you know I know we had linked to the data specs repo to say like fill out an issue here like here's an example or something now it's you might be able to change a link or something so oh can you Miranda oh yeah I can merger sorry it's still going to live under the issues tab. 

Tally: Yeah we'll have to live under issues the sort of blocker thing is that like it'll be written as issues but the trouble is getting them into the folder with the other data specs types that will be like a more manual process yeah it would be like a copy and paste. 

Nick: So cool we'll take a look all right okay, Akrem? 

Akrem: Worked on the things we talked about last time about message sender added a parameter for the account name to the input and a guard and then enforce the guard to make sure that the person that signed the transactions the same as the card that was inputted tried I'm trying to finish up the governance there's one function so I'm working on the vote function but I think that requires auto pay to China maybe add like a placeholder until we get that for get user tips and cool happy lady yeah so almost finishing that I also wanted to pivot I think there was something wrong with the timestamps tip scanner to be able to get the timestamp see what feed tips they have on so I might give it to that for a second and come back oh yeah let us know I I think we're close I'm sure they'll give us more work you know cool I asked late but I asked them about the bridge waiting for a response see if there's a bridge to from ethereto Kadena yeah. 

Nick: Cool all right Ryan. 

Ryan: Yeah Cyril messaged me over the weekend he said he spoke with you a little bit about the gas estimator but I'm gonna just review it should be a fairly quick review and merge so today we should be able to set up a fun to feed on Theory mainnet oh yeah let me know if you want some money to test it out yeah yeah because we didn't do girly we didn't set up for girly because we just had Mumbai already and girlies not as easy to test on as Mumbai is well I mean you can you can probably set it up on board late just to have it for the sake of if people want to it should be easy if it's similar to what he just did fair enough yeah but yeah merge it and test it out and then cool oh also can you can you check out the query Builder on the front end I tried doing a decode of the query data and it broke I don't know if anybody else has had issues with the query data decoder recently interesting take a look see what's up yeah yeah they yelled at me so it like didn't work it didn't break it just didn't work so nothing wasn't there like I don't know yeah different issue but so cool yeah and then Owen last but not least hey yeah I'm still working on PR that's fixing a few tests for until it feeds I figured out what was going wrong with the custom reporter but yeah I need to get that merged and then move on to either there's a few bugs or making installs nice okay cool yeah I mean if it's not a desperate bug I would probably just fix that install thing quick you know or document how to properly do it you know whether you fix it or just document it to you cool sweaty anything I was fairly disconnected over the weekend so I'm going to look into what's been going on with all the reporters and the Discord and and see if anything's broken so I can make some nice issues for everybody I gotta get caught up nice all right yeah anything else guys Brenda be back or anything my mom was back cool got a couple questions too oh nice Mike anything before we happen to questions or we're good I'll chat with you okay questions Ryan picture that in one year from now Tellor is not the most used and relied upon Oracle why I think you have the best structure and most Integrity I think you ultimately will be the best relied upon Oracle but what are the threats to that token prices are one dollar a piece yeah no I mean I really like our structure I think I think we're doing well to set ourselves up you know like we're not the space is still really really small you know nobody likes to say that but it is it's minuscule you know no but nobody has product Market fit in terms of number of users that they want chain link included you know and we we just need to grow the space you know we're trying to do our best to get on every Network so we can capture sort of the growth of the space as a whole and and that's what I think we can do I think yeah probably some of the biggest things would just be that the space grows a little slower but you know I think if we grow and and if people actually value some decentralization and in their price feeds and their oracles some I think we stand to do really well so that's my answer yeah we when new devs come into the space and they kind of just want to brush away the Oracle problem and just use the trusted price feed and a lot of them are okay with doing that they don't think about the centralization concerns that's one of the big things that works against this matter yeah and I mean and now we're also at a point where you know polka dot and you know we've talked to Cosmos we've talked to Pocono we've talked to Avalanche we talked to you know Cadena obviously we've talked to all these layer ones who are they're trying to find Oracle solutions that are decentralized now you know in the past they were in in the past it was sort of a on their to-do list and and now we've gotten to the point that it's on there the Forefront of of their mind as they're trying to get some of these devs over here like centralized oracles just won't do so I I think you're starting to see a shift and and it's cool so that's what's going for us yeah definitely so any thoughts on a Tellor blockchain probably not I mean I think you know talking to some of the polka dot people you know like like they had thrown around the idea of like you could have a Tellor parachain that you know you had like some of the staking deposit and governance deposits lived on this Tellor staking chain and then it passes out over to the various other pair of chains so like that that and that could potentially be a structure you could make with Tellor and it could make a lot of sense the reason that you don't actually want a total like the only way that sort of works is on like a polka dot type Network where cross chain messaging is sort of trustless so you know that they have it actually built into their system so it's sort of on its own chain but sort of not on its own chain because because the other smart contracts can communicate with it the problem with having like your own blockchain like we launch our own layer one that you know competes with ethereor something like that is how do you then talk to ethereor how do you talk to polka dot and everything like that and that's what makes it really really hard so no I I don't see Tellor having its own chain like that if if we say have you know we obviously have the token here on Tellor etherethe way that I sort of see it envisioning you know like maybe we do get tons of Demand on polkadot and we have we have our own parachain on polka dot or you know we have we have our own subnet on Avalanche and we have our own you know chain over on Cosmos as well and and there are these specific Tellor chains that then reach out to all of the various ecosystems I could see that being sort of a thing and then and then you sort of bridge the etheretoken across it's like would tell her then have its own chain like sort of but you know like it usually like we I at least for me you know talking to like the polka dot people and everything like you like the idea of like we don't have to run our own validators for an L1 or worry about that piece like it's nice being able like whenever we have our token and everything you punt all the security over to ethereyou get rid of a lot of those hairy details so yeah yeah cool and then there was a question in the Deep questions channeled from my emails we haven't addressed it in a while so it might be worth just kind of giving a quick overview on our take on road maps yeah the question is where can I find the roadmap for Tellor and then use the link to the ethereroadmap that the etherefoundation makes we're anti-road map I don't know we just gave a pretty good roadmap That was supposed to be talking about it right the road map right now is make the Tellor user experience smooth I think right I mean yeah that's what we're working on yeah I mean we're sort of the problem is Oracles and getting data on Jane we're gonna we're gonna continue to move in a way that gets data on chain in a trustless way if we come up with some new computer science breakthrough that allows us to do something better and we'll shift and do that right now we don't have any of those on our in insights you know there are no big upgrades we need to make it's just sort of expanding to the various networks getting people to know about it and get people to use it so what's that so I like the question before that in the Discord too it was it's more in the nitty gritty choices when the value is submitted on chain that I funded as a user are other projects able to use that value and the answer is yes and then he said how would funding work in a situation where many projects are looking for the same value it seems you would be careful to be the one actually funding it or not be the one funding it hoping that someone else would and there's probably some Game Theory to that I think it's interesting like if the multiple projects are using Tellor like on any individual Network and tipping they're going to be competing for whatever reporters are there and if you want more reporters come on you'll have to tip more and we haven't really seen it play out yet but I think that's exciting yeah for sure I mean this is you know piggybacking on bigger projects like usually the way that I see it sort of envisioning kind of like with chain link does this as well like the bigger projects will need a price feed and they'll push it out there so you know like some perhaps some bigger you could assume like some big projects here need USD and then they they're the ones tipping and doing it and the little projects will just use ethusd as things because because they don't pay for a price feed you know so you'll see like a lot more more activity on those price feeds that people don't have to actually pay for and that that would be probably a similar thing you would expect to see with Tellor and then because because the contracts are permissionless there's other possibilities too like they could submit the data themselves or pay somebody to submit the data for them directly so that they're not using the Tipping system like that you could it's open for a lot of different functionality and you're starting to see too you know like Diva protocols one you know we're getting ready to launch like in q1 like they're adding Oracle payments into their system so like the system will actually fund Tellor through fees in the system and you know other projects that are setting up are starting to think about this like you know if it is a truly decentralized system you would have fees going towards Oracle payments and and that's super exciting because then that would fund that price feed or that data request and then other projects could potentially just piggyback off of it like which would be cool once they have the feed ID the feed set up on the auto pay contract in their contract they could collect you know some funds that somehow turn into funds that are paid into the feed it could be you know automatically it could be decentralized I mean even if it's not even directly to a specific feed idea but even if it's just into the time-based Rewards or into you know into some Dow that then gets to to pay it out you know or just send it to the team or something like these are all great ideas yeah there's like a million different ways that you can structure it so it's fun yeah that's a good question that's it though cool well y 

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