Tellor Developer Call December 19th 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 20 Dec 2022


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Nick: Hey everyone, welcome to Tellor Dev call, December 19th so goes without saying probably won't do one next week boxing day it'll be Christmas Day after so yeah so Merry Christmas we have to tell her if you're watching this yes. So what are we working on and we let Akrem in I guess the big things here I'm gonna put an article here over the year end working on just keeping the Integrations going but yeah we'll just kind of jump into what everyone's working on and start talking about it so Tally unto you first. 

Tally: Hey I deployed and verified the chat GPT reader integration nice so it's on Goerli yeah I mean I started the changes to the API readme that you recommended at the end of the day on Friday yeah. 

Nick: Let me know when they're done. 

Tally: Yeah for sure okay I have to follow up with I'm going to just follow up this morning on telegram with mimicry okay see if they want to move forward or if they want to redesign the python implementation in any way I also I also made a PR into the data specs Docs that changes the description of how to well it points into the issue template instead of how it used to be where it's like copy the document and then rewrite it yeah so it's a little bit easier to create a new request for data. 

Nick: Thanks yeah I'll take a look at that and then for people listening what is the chat GPT thing? 

Tally: Oh yeah so if you're familiar with chat GPT as I digress here I actually had a conversation with someone over the weekend and I said how you describe chat GPT to someone who doesn't know how to use a computer and it was actually very hard but anyway you should ask Chat GPT you should ask Chat that's a perfect question for it yeah honestly but like it's like it's sort of like an autistic 10 year old yeah with access to the internet but the chat gbt. 

Mike: Really Google if you could have a conversation with Google that's how I've used it. 

Tally: Sure that's true but it's a contract that reads A New Kind of Tellor query which is the response to a chat GPT prompt so in the contract it has a function that reads Tellor and you can put in the query parameter which is the prompt and it will spit out as if the tele reporters are well if you tip it then it'll spit out a response as a string it's kind of fun. 

Mike: Do you need access to the git book still? 

Tally: No. 

Nick: Okay okay but yeah so and then whenever you push something on chain if you do on a test net or when you do tell Ryan to tweet out send them the transaction and the Deeds so sure sure I'll tweet it out too yeah perfect yeah strategy. 

Owen: Chat GPT is like supposed to be deterministic but is there API like oh are they like I was wondering that too like an API that you can call you know what I mean like is it or are they just like feeding in you know some random seed kind of situation to the model that they're running well. 

Nick: I always wonder that because I know Google is slightly like non-deterministic in that you know if Mike can change every time well it changes over time and then also like based upon your preferences and your locations and things like that like if you Google something here versus in Germany they'll give you different answers just because you might want different things yeah super good questions dispute considers considerations yeah this is a fun one though so yeah all right but thanks Tally. 

Tally: Yeah sure. 

Nick: Ryan? 

Ryan: Yeah I'm just getting a little hung up on this invalid pseudo selector via CSS for the thresholds on the front end if anybody's familiar yeah let me know maybe this afternoon we can sit down and yes chat I was asking stack Overflow but it I don't know it gets to a point where like I feel bad just asking for the answer so I'm trying to do a little research as well answers to Mike I'm just maybe I'm just reliving my college drama of like the guy like me like just study yourself bro. 

Nick: So no man. 

Owen: From first principles he's like reading up on like how CSS is written yeah. 

Nick: No and like somebody who's used stack and like tried to boost your reputation like I love when someone throws me a softball and you can answer it and get 10 points for answering somebody's question wait like guys love that. 

Mike: Help them yeah cool. 

Ryan: Okay but yeah so I mean ideally I'd like to get that knocked out so that I can do a nice little video for the fun to feed site and then and then still got that that voting page sitting on the back end that I would also like to tackle but nice and then we'll probably have to add you know this chain so go to the data feed yeah to the data feed so it's. 

Nick: It's another EVM so it's is it up now or is it so we're up on testnet now so you could I don't know Brenda when are we we'll probably deploy mainnet later this week sometime so you can just wait and knock them out together probably but I think spuddy did report he's reported successfully and stuff so yeah people who are listing were up on gnosis chess test chain what is it chiado something like that. So if you want to use this over there we'll probably we're reporting on the test net and we'll be deploying on main net. It's exciting so cool wow all right Owen? 

Owen: Hey I push something for the Rye USD feed there's two sources but the third nomics API like I tried all the others nonx API wasn't working so but that was with like a you know I just need to verify like make sure yeah key works but and then I haven't finished the there's like a bug with multi-call so I need to do that today and then there's another for submitting transactions on polygon that's what I submitted that I need to check out before we go into a period of like wait and see if everything's stable make another release. 

Nick: Cool yeah this might be a good time I know you're pushing ryeusd so we I think we talked last step call about it so right I couldn't remember if we told anything yeah reflexer they pushed us through on a governance proposal so we're we're the backup for reflexer similar to Liquity which is super cool so like reflexor and liquidity to decentralize stable coins we're in there. This is like a sort of a similar note on that somebody has been if you looked at the reporters channel some of you reporters out there have been reporting Litecoin and some rando ones tell us why it's it's a-okay that you're doing it you know like for the time-based rewards you can basically submit anything and you still get the time-based rewards but let's be good stewards of our users here so we have users and it would be awesome you know the whole purpose of the time-based rewards is it's supposed to be sort of subsidizing a bootstrapping the mining Network or the reporter Network so we have you guys there ready whenever people start using it and it's also it's super nice when it helps bootstrap things for users so they have to pay less money and tips. I know that you guys don't necessarily care about it but listen if we don't get users this whole thing where you're making money reporting goes away so if you could just kindly help us out and report things that people actually need. Nobody has ever needed Litecoin so you know like the US Dollars Rye US dollar now ample the uspce some things you know ethus dollars a super easy one lots of great data sources just push just keep pushing that one like you guys were doing a month ago don't nobody cares. But yeah try not to do these random things you're not going to get penalized from it but just you know so we all sort of are helping users out in a good way.  

Mike: Is there a way would it be dumb to build in recommendations and to tell you or like some default. 

Nick: I mean I don't even think we have Litecoin built in to telliot right like so what's up the deal with that one is some somebody's just they don't like going into their custom reporter and they want to. 

Mike: Maybe they're holding a bag of like going to want to remind people it still exists yeah I don't know Okay so but good points add this to the Tellor mysteries list. 

Nick: Yeah so anyway yeah that's that Akrem? Onto you. 

Akrem: How are you working on still trying to finish the end-to-end tests for the packed contract got stuck halfway found some bugs fixing them that's what I'm working on okay and then. 

Nick: Clende is a user they should be sharing their contracts with us so they're a similar like compound or Ave for those listening they're going to be going on Cadena and they need an oracle so that's what I was working on so that's cool thank you other things I guess Mike Brenda anything? 

Mike: I haven't checked to see if anybody has mentioned but I think we should engage a little bit with the right people in that telegram chat yeah just to I don't think we should they integrated it incorrectly to start I don't think we should I think we should like offer some help to make sure they don't make a mistake again. 

Nick: Yeah I'm gonna go follow their yeah repos and it's just. 

Mike: I think well here's what you did last time here's what you should do this time so. 

Nick: Cool all right and yeah and then I think next Dev call so next dev call is going to be in two weeks I think we'll make it the two weeks we'll do since it'll be the New Year in your review do we can do year in review or we could do what to look forward to your preview a year preview well what are we going to be working on make it too harder what can make it two-parter yeah so yeah one of them will be next week we'll see. And then are we doing a year in review article yeah we usually do yeah that's right afraid to start that yeah so all right cool. Ryan any questions? 

Ryan: Yes we should have a couple one is are there any potential risks associated with growing too fast either with the price of trb being rapidly elevated or with the number of users and required data feeds rapidly increasing for example what risks are associated with becoming successful too quickly if any? 

Nick: Big downfall if the trb price just skyrockets not a whole lot of downsides but it does get more expensive to stake then so you have to start worrying about sort of token distribution amongst the reporters so you know like if the trb price starts growing similar to and more and more people come on you usually the bigger these rewards are kind of like with any of these staking protocols whether it's ethereum even Bitcoin mining and things like that there's a lot of like centralization factors of honesty. Because you sort of grow to the economies of scale so it it's less hobbyists can get involved in more professional organizations become your reporters and eat up all the rewards so there's like just different risks there so. As far as the users growing you could have a problem if you have like lots and lots of users. We've seen this where you know you could have like if the token price doesn't sort of grow you know you could have a problem if you have like probably the biggest risk for Tellor would be like people using Tellor incorrectly like if you were trying to secure 500 billion dollars or something worth of loans on the Tellor feed. Like for 500 billion dollars somebody can break Tellor I guarantee it. So don't do that so you know like making sure that we sort of grow to secure those really large networks. You know we can secure a lot of value right now but we can't you know if you were talking about like you know Tellor is going to be securing some L1 chain or something like that one of these giant things it just doesn't make any sense so. We're like yeah you're using Tellor for the next cbdc in the US like no that wouldn't work. No we just we just have to grow it'll come with time. 

Ryan: And then a couple in the Deep questions so kudos to the Community for reaching out in that Discord Channel but one was why is everyone reporting Litecoin I think we answered that we don't really know and then slowed66 is asking what the origin of the Tellor name is? 

Mike: Just the combination of the word to tell like tell like an oracle tells the chain something about off chain and then or it's a play on the word Oracle simple as that we have to come up with a better story than that that's yeah whoever can come up with a better story than that. 

Owen: I want a fortune cookie in like a cave Nick went on a spiritual Quest to a real Oracle in the neighborhood in the cave in the name. 

Nick: Right we were seeing a fortune Tellor and this is what she had prophesied to us or something whoever comes up with the best Tellor backstory for it. 

Mike: This is very North Korea yeah that becomes the official one I don't know if you've ever read like Kim Jong-il or Kim jong-un's like birth story it's like it's like that like he was born on top of a mountain and some like magical bird dropped him off born of a virgin. 

Owen: You can ask Chat gbt to come up with one. 

Nick: Yeah but but I think there is something about like needing a good origin story and everything like that you know like it's just if you become successful and like almost the Allure of the protocol in general it has a lot to do with just how how you story it I like our humble beginning well we do have a humble beginning and if you tell it as the story in general it can sort of work. So but but I think we need a better answer to that question in general like you know if you similar like if somebody shows you a piece of artwork like you want if you if you know the backstory it means much more. And same with like the you know like that's what Bitcoin it like has this such this mythology behind the foundings of it at this point you know like if somebody was like where did the name Bitcoin come from or like you know how did Bitcoin start and then it was a chat room it was a chat room from two white dudes and they didn't want to get thrown in jail so they made up this Anonymous person. Like no like it's like this is Satoshi man so yes. Origin stories guys come up with them. 

Mike: We'll let the community come up with him or AI yes AI is the community yeah this is all right well thanks everyone for listening we will see you guys in in two weeks. There's stuff you have any questions have a good Christmas Merry Christmas. 

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