Tellor Developer Call April 11th 2022 

By Tamsay | Tellor | 21 Apr 2022


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This call has a form of a status meeting. All developers reported what they are up to and what they plan to continue working on. Main topics are the Algorand and Harmony integration, some game theory discussion and discussion on disputes. 


Whole call  

Nick: All right everyone, dev call April 11th already. Nice spring day here. All right, so probably not a whole lot has changed, I guess with updates Josh is supposed to be here if he shows up at some point, he'll present, he made a nice data feed page, is what we're calling it. It shows all the updates on all the different feeds, you can see how Tellor’s updating, what prices we're updating, super pretty, super-fast, you can see we're nice and live. It's super cool, which was the whole point of it. Other than that, some things that we're working on for this week, the big one, or one that is recent; I have a call with Snapshot later today, Quentin did a snapshot oracle, so basically, we can bring vote results on chain, they think the product's super cool and they want to figure out how they can help promote it for users which is, it'd be a nice little partnership that we can have. Other than that, we'll be working on the autopay, I think we're giving it to Josh, Josh is going to be continuing upgrading it but Brenda has found a bunch of fixes we can do. So, she'll be, if you guys see it, she'll be asking you guys questions about some of your most recent pull requests on that. Other than that, we're going to probably also, we're going to be kicking off a new treasury next week. So, we'll be talking about it, we'll be putting it up to a vote. Basically, this treasury will be wrapping up in two weeks so if we want to have one start the same time as the other one ends we have to kick off the vote on easter Sunday. So, we're going to kick off the vote same, amount in the treasuries hundred thousand, but we're going to double the rate because it didn't fill up, we want people to actually be incentivized to get in there, and we're going to see if people like that. It should be cool, so you'll be able to throw some tokens in and get a 5% return in three months, not bad. So, we'll see if... the 2.5% return basically was 15 people and it was mainly empty. We'll see five percent entices people, I guess returns in the space are just crazy, but I know we did have a little bit of an issue too with the last one because gas was pretty high, it made it... So, even if you had a two and a half percent return on it to get gap to make it worth it with gas, you have to have like at least, you know, 500 tokens or something like that and just kind of kept the small guys out... But anyway, let me know what you guys are working on. I guess Spuddy, you were here first. How's setting up the miners and how's testing and Telliot going? 

Spuddy: I mean, they still don't run continuously on Rinkeby, I need to know what you guys, what your goals are on? I don't remember exactly what we said we wanted to do on Polygon main net and like Ethereum main net. 

Nick: I mean, at least just have them set up, you know, we should have some team accounts set up and then we can talk about maybe submitting once a day or something, from them but at least having them ready and staked is going to be important for sure. So, but I think we all already do that. 

Spuddy: Polygon maintenance would be fairly cheap too. It's just a matter of how often do you want to run it. It would be like, once per hour would cost less than a dollar per day to do that, so sure. 

Nick: Okay, yeah, we can talk about it. Yeah, then we'll pick one of the feeds. All right Quentin? 

Spuddy: One more thing. Is anybody here running the disputable values monitor?  

Lauren: AWS thing? 

Spuddy: Okay, so Lauren's running it. Who are you alerting if there's a bad value? 

Lauren: I think my number's on there and Owens is. 

Brenda: Can you add my number? 

Lauren: Yeah. 

Spuddy: And I'm going to run it also so if anybody wants 

their number added let me know. Well,I meanif Lauren goesdown, mine will be running and vice versa. 

Brenda: Perfect. 

Nick: Cool, quentin? 

Quentin: So, I did the integration for tracer but I need some feedback if it's okay or not. And then I also worked on the dashboards for Dune analytics with the ChainLink stats.  

Nick: Yeah, I saw those. We'll have you present that next week, but are looking really pretty. Also, for the Tracer, did you push that to a Tellor repo? 

Quentin: No, it's on my private GitHub.  

Nick: Okay let's push it to a Tellor repo. I think you can make Tellor repo which is like try and then push and then... Yeah, if anybody else's board wants to look at Quentin's tracer integration, it's very similar to Diva, so for Tim. At least you know it's a perpetual pool though so there's not like an expiry it just needs the current time but they have like kind of pool IDs and stuff so it's cool one. Alright, thanks Quentin. Owen? 

Owen: Hey, so about the running Telliot. Got reviewed and got a Akrems work on fixing the Etherscan gas price errors, merged in, so thanks to Akram for that. Spuddy, if you want to pull down from main and use the latest from main for Telliot core feed examples, hopefully a lot of those errors are handled by this. That's the gas price one that you... 

Brenda: Do you need to release? 

Spuddy: Is there another one? Is there another problem? 

Owen: Yeah, I mean, we probably should I don't know what the other, if there is, error I can look but off the top of my head that was like the main thing. But yeah, anyway, so we can do another release we should just probably wait like a week or two to get some more changes in there and whatnot. 

Spuddy: The other problem i was having the other problem I was having was just a minor thing where the default RPC for Mumbai wasn't working for me so I just had to get it from Infura and it works. 

Owen: Yeah, that's what I use for mine as well. 

Spuddy: No biggie. 

Owen: Yeah, we can change the default but I don't know if we want to have like the defaults be like... yeah so for me the main thing that I want to do today is just handle, because I chatted with Lauren in the last week about using ganache instead of like the network requests for all of pyTelliot stuff. She's running into some issues with like setting up the local config, so I just want to head down, get that handle today and pass it back, so it's a bit easier to work with for her. Oh yeah and then got back to Morphware, they're doing a similar thing like we have, a similar setup to Diva, where we have a query on in our data specs where there's query versions and then they're going to have more specifics on their end and so he sent me what he's working on and I gave him a bunch of feedback on that. So, yeah and that's if you guys want to check out that's like in there, I can link its channel but yeah that's it for me. 

Nick: Nice, thanks Owen. Tim? 

Tim: Yeah so, I'm also reviewing what Morphware sent us like in particular the dispute considerations and then also I'm working on the random number generator and specifically the algorithm for zeroing in on a specific block number based on an inputted block hash. So, that's what I'm working on right now.  

Nick: Pulling a bitcoin now? 

Tim: Yeah, well starting on, just Ether right now, but it'll be the same algorithm for zeroing in. So, Ether in bitcoin for now anything any other good secure chains we can find. 

Nick: That's such like a loaded minefield question. Because if you say there are none then you get *** and then if you single other one you pick the other chains, they're like...  

Tim: So, I'm causing trouble even saying that. 

Nick: Yes exactly. Cool, alright Lauren? 

Lauren: Yeah, I went on a little Telliot course scavenger hunt on Friday and over the weekend just kind of looking into where all these errors are coming from and getting more familiar with the code base too. And there's just some interesting errors with a lot of the end point things are raising that don't match up with the ones written. Which makes you think it's coming from the other end so Owen, I can send you like a full description of all the stuff I was looking through. I like took notes on all of it so we can get that figured out and then I want to start learning about the new query type that you guys were talking about. Just so that I'm not doing one thing all day, I guess.  

Nick: The Api one? 

Lauren: Yeah. So, maybe like today or tomorrow we can figure it out let us know 

Nick: I mean you want to schedule that today? You're like, 2:30 this afternoon? 

Lauren: I think tomorrow actually might work better. I'll message you. 

Nick: Okay cool. Alright, Akrem? 

Akrem: I'm mostly working on, I'm focusing this week on the Telliot, the tip listener. To integrate that with Telliot, specifically the one-time tip I've been working trying to see how to parse through the response and things like that. I might have a few things I might add to the issues but I want to make sure if it's possible first before I add them with. That's my main focus and then I might here and there do add more end-to-end tests to the Algorand.  

Nick: I mean those are pretty wrapped up, right? 

Akrem: Pretty much you have waiting for Tally this I want Tally to look at it because I made some changes to the contract and things. 

Nick: Cool, let me know if you want. I don't know when he'll be back because covid, so, let me know whenever you want to if you want to go over it at some point happy to look it over. 

Akrem: Okay, I'll send you a message.  

Nick: Okay, alright guys, Brenda, anything? 

Brenda: I'll submit the issues for the autopay and I'll be doing the treasury stuff so. 

Nick: Cool, well josh is not here to present his beautiful data feed so the world will have to wait for. I mean the world we posted it on our discord so you can go see it now but when we do it in a video let's wait till next week. Yeah, other than that. Should be a nice, slow week. I think we have a discord AMA in Polygon on Thursday but other than that not a whole lot so let me know if you guys need anything, talk to you guys later. 


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