Most Undervalued project of 2021

By Gyuri | Techtellerz | 16 Apr 2021

There are so many projects that have initiated and have a wide audience creation with its features. One of the current pumping project after is Ethereum that is real pumping hard now after Berlin fork. With its huge network effect, specially after the NFTs low audience Defi is booming again. Defi that are mostly on Eth are partially going multi chain such as over BNB, Link, Dot and Cosmos. 

Although not completely switching over as they are still with much expectations from Eth. No doubt, Eth is going to be upon their expectation for over $8 Billion are at stake for Eth 2.0 it has surely a lot going on although it might take sometime. Perhaps the results will bring the sugarcanes for the ones who believe in it. 

Lets come to one of the most undervalued project of 2021 which RSR. With a very low market cap still in its initial stages, its a good investment and also the concept. Reserve rights Token RSR is going to create a censorship resistant USD stable coin, RSV and decentralized fiat on/off ramps. Its goal is to create a universal value store particularly for the regions  with unreliable banking infrastructure and regions with hyperinflation. 

Reserve project has a very clear road map which they have started to work on a path to launch a decentralized digital currency to start with a centralized fiat stable coin, gathering usage data to evolve to a fully decentralized model. Their road map is as below in;


  • Centralized Phase - Reserve is backed by a small number of collateral tokens, everyone of which is a tokenized US dollar. 
  • Decentralized Phase - Reserve is backed by a changing basket of assets in a decentralized manner but it will be stabilized with respect to the US dollar. 
  • Independent Phase - Reserve will no longer be pegged with the US dollar, It will be stabilizing to its real purchasing power regardless of fluctuations in the value of the US dollar. 

Currently the main users are Venezuela and Argentina as they have been hyperinflation over their national currencies. So RSR will helps the people there to save in US dollar and transact in low frictions. 

RSR is still working on their revenue model as its not finalized yet and under process but basically they have considered a few ways of revenue as below;

  • Obtain the fees from issuers of USDC, TUSD and PAX with having a large slice of RSV collateral portfolio. 
  • Enact transactions fee for using RSV.
  • Enable collateralized lending for the underlying USDC, TUSD & PAX.


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