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Don't let crypto ruin your life

By Aldeneer | Techrosmos | 12 May 2022

Hi. Recently I've been browsing LUNA subreddit and man... this is depressing.

Post containing suicide hotline is pinned to the top, LUNA holders are crying in posts and comments and suicide attempts stories started to emerge.

Luna is down almost 99% from its ATH and people are reasonably worried and sad.

On one side this is extremally bad but if you think about failed coins, most communities surrounding them are cult-like (safemoon for example) and will defend their shitcoin even if it would cost 0 dollars.

But anyway, LUNA fiasco should teach you few things:

1. Don't invest all of your life savings into one asset.

2. Don't spend all day looking at charts.

3. If you can, forget about your coins for a while. This bear market will stay with us for some time, go outside, go to gym, go see your family and friends. Don't let crypto ruin your life!








PS: This is not a financial advice

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