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Testing Earnathon - can you really learn about crypto and earn tokens?

Earnathon is a new platform aiming to enable users to learn about specific crypto currencies and earning some tokens in the process. It's simple on the surface: you sign up, watch videos, take a quiz and earn coins. The concept is not new - Coinbase, CoinMarketCap and others have similar solutions up and running. To give you an example, if you were to sign up to Coinbase today you could easily earn £20 by watching quick videos and completing quizzes relates to XLM, COMP, CGLD, GRT and NU. 



Why do we need another platform?

Yes, we already have companies doing precisely the same thing. However, crypto-education is needed more than ever. With cryptocurrencies becoming more popular and new people joining on a hype with hopes for making millions in a short period of time, covering the basics and teaching people how it works is really important. Too many have false expectations, demonstrate lack of comprehension of the rudimentary mechanics of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and don't know how plan and manage risks related with high volatility. Platforms like Earnathon will hopefully provide for the much needed education and serve as a platform for new cryptocurrencies to explain what they do, while rewarding people with real tokens for their time.


What's available now?

Earnathon has one course live: Evolution of Money. After watching the videos you will receive a whooping $20 worth of ENA, their proprietary token. Where's the catch? You can't sell them yet. To quote Earnathon "Deposits and withdrawal temporarily disabled until the ENA token is publicly listed." The platform has courses from Celo, Bantu, Abit Network, ChainLink and Binance Smart Chain coming soon.

The project has only launched in January 2021 and the performance of the website isn't great - in the last couple of days the website has been down numerous times for maintenance and server migration. It looks like Earnathon haven't covered the basics - there is no white paper, roadmap or information related to ENA distribution. I like the concept, though, and I'm also looking forward to taking new courses on the platform.




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